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Where do you find cheap rent in Kansas City? Play this video! Turn-Key Properties LLC 816-313-8876
Turn-Key Properties, LLC  7312 E 67th St. Kansas City, MO 64133   Phone 816.313.8876                                                               Fax 816.313.8877 VACANCIES AS OF 8/13/08                                                                           ...
This is one fabulous home in a fabulous spot! Three bedrooms, three baths, full basement, designer colors, drop down projection TV, built in entertainment center, office, garage, stunning custom kitchen and a sunny, open breakfast room. All apliances are provided! Please call us today 816-313-88...
Turn-Key Properties, LLC  7312 E 67th St. Kansas City, MO 64133  Phone 816.313.8876                    Fax 816.313.8877   VACANCIES AS OF 7/29/08                                                                                                                     ...
They use to say it couldn't be done, but a local Kansas City lender (NASB) is now offering a non-recourse loan for real estate investing with your IRA. Property types vary but are typically restricted to single family residential, duplex, fourplex or multi-family (5 or more units). What does Non-...
They use to say it couldn't be done, but now it can. You can now invest in real estate with your IRA. A local Kansas City bank; NASB that has been a big player for years is offering investment and commercial real estate loans. Now they are offering Self Directed IRA, Non-recourse loans to purchas...
Whew! What a brutal day... It's definately not a dry heat. Not a good day for much of anything that didn't involve a swimming pool or a river outside today. I went out to feed the horses and the poor things looked like they had been taking a shower. I felt bad so I decided to go pray for them... ...
God I love it when the good guys win, I know we're not supposed to feel glee at the demise of some slug, degenerate, criminal, but I really have to think the victim needs a larger caliber firearm. For all you tree huggers the criminal lived, so you can coddle him and try to rehabilitate him. 0900...

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