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I was doing some research on a guy who stole a bunch of content from my site. His name is Edward W. Anderson. So I decided to see where he got the rest of his content and found everyone seems to be steeling the same stuff. Here are a few of those links. Hard to know who stole it from who first. R...
  I was working with a client today, VA backed loan and decent credit. The lender came back with 7%, when I told my client that they were quite shocked. The lender told me that the markets have been in turmoil for the last few weeks, and that he expected the rates to come back down soon. We did ...
Here's is a link to a great video about Joe, Joe the plumber, Joe the welder, Joe the teacher, Joe the Realtor! So who is Joe? He's an average Joe who wants to succeed, a guy who wants to make a living for his family and not be punished for success. Joe i...
Some days are just not that productive. I'm stuck in my office with my truck in the shop. Seems I came to a fork in the road! Unfortunately; now its in my tire, and to make matters worse I found out if you own a Chevy and you don't drop your spare down a use it for a few years it gets stuck and y...
OMG! I just learned I am not an intellectual! I just read an article claiming that "intellectual republicans" were voting for Obama! God, I'm such a bumbling idiot, I did not get the message. Damn it! while I was struggling my way through college, while I was working my ass off to make a living I...
I remember someone else who promised middle class tax cuts. It never happened then and it will not happen now!   His excuse, "I worked harder on this than I have on anything in my life" What will Obama's excuse be? I didn't believe it then, I don't believe it now! We all got a huge tax increase t...
Wow! 95% of Americans will get a tax cut! I'm all about tax cuts; but I was really currious what that meant, so I did some reasearch. Did you know that more than 30% of Americans DO NOT PAY TAXES AT ALL? So if that is true, then roughly 60% may get a tax decrease, and the remaining 35% will get a...
I don't know if you've heard of this guy, but the word on the Internet is that this guy may come from behind and possibly take the lead from both Obama and McCain I read all about it on this site, there is a fascinating video from Channel 3 news! Follow this link to see the information and watch ...
When I turned 18 I decided to leave the tiny mid-western hamlet I had called home since I was 7. I packed up my drum set, my last $36 and what clothing I owned. I took a plane to New Orleans and started life as an adult. Fortunately my brother Ray was there to help me as I learned how to deal wit...
In September 2007 I found myself searching for something to eat in a grocery store in Tuscon, AZ. I was also trying to find a way to open a bottle of wine. My wife and I had just left a restaurant that had exploded in flames before we got to eat. I was asking the employees to find me a cork screw...

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