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So you've read the email alerts, you've seen the stories on the Internet and you probably heard a blurb or two on the news about the coming of the dreaded CONFLICKER.C! Even the Department of Homeland Security weighed in! Conflicker is described as a worm, a particularly nasty type of virus that ...
I recieved an email from a coworker with this content, it was too good not to share! I checked with craigslist and ads are not copywrighted. going to jail sale Reply to: Date: 2009-03-27, 11:53AM I have to turn myself in in 4 days so instead of leaving everything to the local crack heads i decide...
My grand kids call me Pop, out of pure, unadulterated pretension I did a vanity Google on "pop" I found something really interesting. When I moved to Missouri from upstate New York in 1973 I was shocked at the cultural differences, one of which was the pop vs soda wars. I had never heard of soda ...
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have you gotten one of those calls, you know the one. They call and say that they are updating their information and want to be sure they have your number correct. They read off your name and number and maybe even your address. You agree and hang up. You just got SCAMMED! It happened to me, I'm p...
My granddaughter an I decided to try to catch a leprechaun since St. Patrick's day is coming. So we built our own leprechaun trap and we figured we had a pretty good chance of nabbing one. Now leprechauns are small, so you have to plan for this. Understand their Irish heritage I thought it best t...
I never cease to be amazed at the number of people I meet who have never been on a canoe trip. I understand if you are a native of New York or some other northern state but if you're from the Midwest and haven't been on a float trip, you are really missing out! So what is a float trip? For most i...
Real estate has so many variables, property types and options. One of the most fascinating aspects of it is the people you meet. I am marketing two car washes for sale in Kansas City now and the listings have generated more interest than anything I have ever worked with before. Most people know t...
They say never write anything you wouldn't want your mother to read! What about the Governor? I posted a lengthy if disgruntled article about the Housing Authority of Kansas City I recently received a comment from someone calling themselves "Guvnah". I know anyone can post anonymously and call th...

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