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Nyhart is a little town, that few people even know exist, in-fact the town sign has even gone missing. Nyhart, MO holds a special place in my heart. I'm not going to make a bunch of money selling real estate there, Nyhart only has about three houses. Nyhart is located in the heart of Bates County...
This one should definitely make the best of Craigslist. I want someone for $150.00 to show my house and select a renter based on your perception of their character! I will send you the keys and you just find me a renter! Gotta read the whole thing!
I took my Grandson Cody to the farm this weekend I figured we would scout for some turkeys for the upcoming season. We got rained out pretty hard and decided to go to town to get some food. On the way back we saw an auction sign, now I love a good farm auction and I convinced him it might be fun....
I've come up with a new catch phrase that should be very popular in some parts of our Nation. Kansas City especially. "plumbing sold seperately"! With the prices of scrap down, like everything else, I'm still finding houses stripped to the bones. Kansas City has a massive problem with copper thef...
I was doing some SEO work today to see how the site I built for my wife's "horse business"... (clearing my throat and sighing)... was doing. Now, most who are involved in anything related to horses know the horse market collapsed before the real estate market did. The government in its wisdom de...
I had monetized several of my websites with Google AdSense, but I never paid much attention to it. Then I started getting a few checks in the mail from Google! You send me a check, you get my attention! so I decided instead of playing Mafia Wars at night on Facebook, I would just start adding con...
I was never a fan of the online real estate classes, until recently when one of my staff completed some courses online and passed her test with flying colors. I was of the old school, I had been attending brick and mortar schools for real estate training since the 1980's. I guess I'm slow to acce...
I'm sick, sick to my heart. My America bows to no one, my America is the greatest free-est land in the world, my America is equal to all other lands and perhaps a bit superior! Freedom, hard fought, hard won! Liberty a precious commodity allotted to a select few! Ben Franklin said: Those who woul...
They say that porn is the most often searched item on the Internet. So I figure with a keyword like that I'm bound to get some voluminous traffic! So here they are my pictures of naked ladies, I like naked ladies a lot, I stopped to photograph these last year.                                     ...
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