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Halloween can be fun and festive for people, but for pets it can be dangerous.  Here are some tips from Turn-Key Properties LLC to help you ensure that your pet has a happy and safe Halloween ... 1) Chocolate in all forms - especially dark or baking chocolate - can be dangerous for dogs and cats....
My nephew Aaron is serving "over there" I asked him on Facebook what he wanted; here is the list he sent me. SPC Edsall Aaron C 3rd PLT 1st SQD 808 EN CO 884/EN BN APO 09322 would like you to send him and his fellow troops: Beef jerky, gum, and letters of support, biblical passages, movies and an...
One page, the Property Management page of one of my websites is perhaps one of the most plagiarized pages on the Internet. It seems nearly every month someone else is stealing it and re-posting it to yet another site. Copyscape is a great tool for finding people who steal content from your blogs ...

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