cap rate: Should I rent my house or sell it. - 08/15/08 09:41 AM
I've posted a number of articles about this question before, never has it been more pertinent than now.
Whether your home is a condo in the city or a ranch house on acreage; you may be better off renting it out until the market comes back. recently posted a calculator to help you figure out the benefits of renting vs selling your home. There are some things the calculator leaves out, closing costs, tax benefits of owning a rental property and some other important financial figures. The calculator offers a CAP Rate calculation weighing the benefits of renting against other … (0 comments)

cap rate: What is a Cap Rate and how do I figure it? - 01/31/08 03:11 PM

 So just what is a cap rate? a few years ago I posted an article on my website Cap Rate .
Since then I still get a great deal of traffic on that subject, seems to be quite a popular search for the internet.
a cap rate is the method used to convert an estimate of annual income expectancy into an indication of value, by dividing the income estimate by an appropriate rate.
Pretty simple really, Mr. Einstein has the formula on the board above.
Monthly Income: The total of all revenue, such as rents, laundry, or other fees and charges (but NOT including deposits … (5 comments)

cap rate: Is there a difference in selling investment property and single family houses? - 08/25/07 01:13 PM
Recently I posted a blog about the frustrations I have with agents who list investment property without the knowledge of the market they should have. Apparently that raised the ire of a few who felt it was condescending. Perhaps it was, thus the source of my frustration. All agents are not created equal, having a real estate license does not make you knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate.
Whether representing the buyer or the seller it is incumbent on the agent to have a knowledge of the market, the right tools for marketing and the ability to answer some basic questions that will … (6 comments)

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