horse property: Horses Making Ice Cream! You gotta see this! - 04/19/09 07:31 AM
I took my Grandson Cody to the farm this weekend I figured we would scout for some turkeys for the upcoming season. We got rained out pretty hard and decided to go to town to get some food.
On the way back we saw an auction sign, now I love a good farm auction and I convinced him it might be fun...
The auction was just outside of Rich Hill, MO. Rich Hill has a thriving Amish community nearby and there were many Amish folks there.
This was one huge auction, they had three auctioneers going at the same time!
But … (2 comments)

horse property: Own a virtual horse? Maybe the next best thing! - 04/13/09 12:26 PM

I was doing some SEO work today to see how the site I built for my wife's "horse business"... (clearing my throat and sighing)... was doing.
Now, most who are involved in anything related to horses know the horse market collapsed before the real estate market did. The government in its wisdom destroyed the horse market and made it nearly impossible to sell a horse. But I Digress!
Knowing this, and knowing that my wife works too hard at real estate to make a go of the horse industry I decided to monetize the site and get paid by having … (2 comments)

horse property: Renting horse property and equestrian facilities. Property management of equestrian property. - 02/05/08 04:27 PM
Renting that horse property has a few more details than just renting out a house in the suburbs.
    Among the items to consider are: How many horses can the acreage support?Does the tenant plan to use the property for a commercial horse related enterprise?What kind of liability does the horse operation pose to the owner and the property manager?What kind of legal restrictions are there on property type and use?Is your property really horse-safe?   Well, the answers depend on a number of factors, the number of animals a particular property can support depends largely on where the property is … (9 comments)

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