kansas city crime: Plumbing sold seperately! - 04/13/09 01:10 PM
I've come up with a new catch phrase that should be very popular in some parts of our Nation. Kansas City especially. "plumbing sold seperately"!
With the prices of scrap down, like everything else, I'm still finding houses stripped to the bones. Kansas City has a massive problem with copper theft and it shows no sign of slowing.
I'm turning down so many listings because they are just too much work, busting your hump to market a property that will likely bring $3,000 is hardly worth the time to make a phone call.
But like anything else, somebody has to sell … (1 comments)

kansas city crime: Kansas City's Dumb Criminal of the Day - 09/05/08 05:23 PM
Follow the link, I just took over management of a new property, while there I wound up in a crazy crime scene.
 Here he is and his shirt reads BIG DUMMY!
You will find the shirt to be very descriptive!

kansas city crime: Kansas City Crime Blog, Kansas City Crime - 07/12/08 05:49 PM
You ever just get so damn tired of something you have no control over you just want to scream?
Well, I'm screaming, and here it is http://www.kccrime.blogspot.com/ I've had it Kansas City is a hell hole of rampant crime and chaos.
I have started a blog about Kansas City and the crime infested mess it is, please join me. If you want I will be happy to enter you as a contributor and let you blog also.
In the coming months I will start filming crime as it happens and reporting it on this blog. I see crime everyday in KC … (0 comments)

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