missouri: Missouri Horse Farm for Sale, Near Kansas City - 02/05/10 06:31 AM

This is a truly amazing property, located about 35 minutes east of Kansas City on nearly 50 acres of rolling green pasture. Custom built insulated barns with over 48 stalls, an arena, round pen and hay storage.
The house is an amazing 3600 square foot all brick ranch home with a full basement and an over-sized 3 car garage.
Excellent equestrian facilities have been the training and breeding place for many world champion AQHA and PHBA horses.
Listed Exclusively by D. Ben Edsall - Broker for Turn-Key Properties LLC an Accredited Equestrian Real Estate Professional.
Listed at just $1,600,000 … (2 comments)

missouri: Nyhart Missouri, Nyhart, MO - 04/25/09 07:11 PM
Nyhart is a little town, that few people even know exist, in-fact the town sign has even gone missing. Nyhart, MO holds a special place in my heart. I'm not going to make a bunch of money selling real estate there, Nyhart only has about three houses.
Nyhart is located in the heart of Bates County Missouri , Nyhart is a forgotten little burg just West of Butler, MO that time forgot. But my family will never forget the little town of Nyhart, MO.
What makes Nyhart memorable is not it's small town charm, or the fact that I pass through it … (0 comments)

missouri: Float Trip, have your ever been on one? - 03/15/09 10:14 AM
I never cease to be amazed at the number of people I meet who have never been on a canoe trip. I understand if you are a native of New York or some other northern state but if you're from the Midwest and haven't been on a float trip, you are really missing out!
So what is a float trip? For most it is a short vacation, usually involving some camping interspersed with sitting in a canoe for long periods of time.
why the heck would you want to do that? Well it is usually accompanied by a plethora of adult beverages … (0 comments)

missouri: The Governor reads my blog! - 03/02/09 06:04 AM
They say never write anything you wouldn't want your mother to read! What about the Governor?
I posted a lengthy if disgruntled article about the Housing Authority of Kansas City I recently received a comment from someone calling themselves "Guvnah". I know anyone can post anonymously and call themselves anything they want.
I answered the question they posed and thought little more of it. Then today I was looking over my Google Analytics account. Seems I had a spike in website traffic from the State Capital, from an The Office Of Administration. I tracked this traffic and the two spikes in traffic … (4 comments)

missouri: Apartments For Rent Kansas City, Houses Too! - 10/08/08 07:10 AM
Turn-Key Properties, LLC
 7312 E 67th St. Kansas City, MO 64133
Phone 816.313.8876                                               turnkeyproperties@sbcglobal.net                                  www.turnkeyproperties.org
Fax 816.313.8877
available rental property as of: 10/8/08
homes for rent, houses for rent, apartments for rent.
Kansas City, Raytown, Grandview, Liberty, Independence, Plaza, Westwood, Waldo
2 bdrm/2 bath                            229 Ward Parkway, Kansas City MO 64112                           
                                                Rent:  $2000.     Deposit:  $2000.           
(Unit will not qualify for Section 8)
Directions:  On Ward Parkway between Brookside Blvd and Wornall Road on the South side of street
Luxury living with valet parking, stainless steel appliances & granite kitchen, … (1 comments)

missouri: Homes for rent in Kansas City, Liberty, Raytown , Independence and Waldo - 09/23/08 06:46 AM
Turn-Key Properties, LLC
 7312 E 67th St. Kansas City, MO 64133
Phone 816.313.8876
2 bdrm/2 bath                            229 Ward Parkway, Kansas City MO 64112                           
                                                Rent:  $2000.     Deposit:  $2000.           
(Unit will not qualify for Section 8)
Directions:  On Ward Parkway between Brookside Blvd and Wornall Road on the South side of street
Luxury living with valet parking, stainless steel appliances & granite kitchen, washer & dryer, wine storage, gym & MORE!
3 bdrm/3 bath/1 car gar House    4544 Terrace Street, … (2 comments)

missouri: Missouri deer hunting, Bow Season - 09/15/08 03:00 PM
Bow season is always tough, the rut has not yet kicked in and the deer aren't as rambunctious and careless as they are in early rifle season.
This morning was the opening day of deer season and turkey season if you're brave enough to try to tackle a turkey with a bow.
This morning, I was set up waiting where I know the deer cross every morning, I had my bow ready and I was sighted in, this doe was going to walk right in front of my "spot".
Behind a tree I couldn't shoot around, she paused, Woof, Woof, Woof … (0 comments)

missouri: Republican National Convention - 09/03/08 02:18 PM
Damn it! That looks like a great party! I was supposed to be there. That's right; me, your humble 17th Ward Committeeman from Jackson County MO and your investment real estate professional was a delegate.
I was on the Jackson County Republican slate to be sent to the convention as a delegate for my state.
What happened?.... The cult of Ron Paul!  
The UFO, Black Helicopter nut-jobs of the Ron Paul Brigade took over the Republican party caucus in Jackson County and ousted all of the real Republicans. They demanded to slate their own radical, nutty tin-foil hat wacko's to fill … (8 comments)

missouri: rental homes and apartments for rent, Kansas City, Raytown, Plaza, KC, KS, MO - 08/27/08 10:27 AM
Turn-Key Properties, LLC
 7312 E 67th St. Kansas City, MO 64133
Phone 816.313.8876
Fax 816.313.8877
2 bdrm/2 bath                            229 Ward Parkway, Kansas City MO 64112
Plaza Condo For Rent!                           
                                                Rent:  $2000.     Deposit:  $2000.           
(Unit will not qualify for Section 8)
Directions:  On Ward Parkway between Brookside Blvd and Wornall Road on the South side of street
Luxury living with valet parking, stainless steel appliances & granite kitchen, washer & dryer, wine storage, gym & MORE!
3 bdrm/3 … (1 comments)

missouri: Butler, Mo Wal-Mart - 08/15/08 04:34 PM
Word on the street is that the Butler, MO Wal-Mart Supercenter is on hold. My sources tell me that there is one lone holdout who will not relinquish land required to build the Super Center.
Butler, Mo is a town of just over 4,000 located in Bates County, MO. The local Wal-mart store is running at full capacity. Busy providing products and services to the local residents, the Butler Wal-Mart is a bustling center of commerce.
While the new Super Center will possibly cause other local merchants to have to be more competitive, Wal-Mart provides many products that small town merchants … (0 comments)

missouri: Kansas City man shoots robber in the head - 08/02/08 03:33 PM
God I love it when the good guys win, I know we're not supposed to feel glee at the demise of some slug, degenerate, criminal, but I really have to think the victim needs a larger caliber firearm.
For all you tree huggers the criminal lived, so you can coddle him and try to rehabilitate him.
0900 hours, Saturday, 2 August 2008, a bank customer at an ATM in North Kansas City was accosted by an armed robber, he summarily dispatched the criminal with a single round from his lawfully carried handgun.
Thank God Missouri and some 48 states now recognize … (0 comments)

missouri: Goodbye to a golden voiced gem of a man, Eddie Arnold see video: - 05/09/08 12:49 PM
Many times I have awoken to the sweet sounds of Eddie Arnolds "Cattle Call" being summoned to a great breakfast before a day on the trail. Back before our company took off we had time to take vacations with our horses. We often went to Southern Missouri to ride and camp at The Big Piney. We would make camp and spend a all day riding our horses through the river and the beautiful wooded acreage surrounding the campsite.
The 4-J big piney always started the day with the docile tones of Eddie Arnold singing "Cattle Call". The sound was pleasant, and … (2 comments)

missouri: Party Lines, Missouri Politics. real estate and politics - 05/08/08 04:14 PM
    Do real estate and politics mix? I don't know, but politics can drastically affect our real estate careers. If you're not paying attention to politics your real estate, and even your real estate career can be devastated!
So what to do? Not everyone is cut out for running for office, not everyone has any desire to be a politician. But, you can have a say, politicians pay attention to noise, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
NAR and your local Real Estate board will usually notify you of pending legislation that affects your industry. Pay attention, send letters, call your representatives, send … (0 comments)

missouri: apartments for sale in Excelsior Springs, MO - 03/16/08 03:04 PM
Have you ever heard of Excelsior Springs, Mo? Did you know that they were awarded the Dream Initiative by the Missouri Governor, Matt Blunt. What does that mean? Growth, downtown revitalization and income potential. Everyone knows the time to by is when the market is down, Most also know that if there is government investment the area will usually see increasing value and increased opportunity.
 Excelsior Springs is about to explode, Since the 50's Excelsior Springs, MO has seen little activity but with the Dream Initiative, and the investment of the State of MO. Excelsior Springs is poised to make a major … (0 comments)

missouri: The next no call list... the no mail list proposed legislation to ban mailing! - 03/05/08 03:30 PM
Missouri HB1531 Prohibits businesses from sending unsolicited commercial mail to people who register with the Attorney General. That's right no post cards, no Christmas cards and God forbid no advertisements.
Proposed by two dimwitted Democrats Trent Skaggs and John Burnett this bill seeks to stop us from sending snail mail. Don't laugh these idiots actually proposed it! 
I can imagine they would also have a NO-Mail list we can purchase to make sure we are abiding by their draconian guidelines.  
It's not enough that we are suffering from the worst real estate slow down since TEFRA and that real estate values have … (3 comments)

missouri: California Investors - 02/13/08 04:27 PM
Yes that's you! Most agents see you as a big target with a bullseye on your bank account.
I've actually seen posts and blogs with the key words targeted at "California investors".
I see you as something more, a client. Hokey yes but read on.
As a property manager I want a long term relationship, as a real estate broker I want a long term relationship. I want you to make money, not just buy something, get my commission and kiss you goodbye.
Most investors I meet have already made some kind of mistake, they paid too much for some crack-shack that will never cash … (0 comments)

missouri: Cash Flowing Kansas City Investment Property, Duplex - Fully Occupied! - 02/13/08 09:46 AM

Just Listed, fully occupied and ready to add to your portfolio of investment property. this lovely duplex was built in 1995 and totally remodeled in 2007. Appliances are included with both units. Central Air, new carpet, new cabinets, even new counter-tops!  Wrapped in low maintenance steel siding and surrounded by trees.
4 bedroom 2 bath is lease on the open market for $500 a month.
3 bedroom 1 bath is leased Section-8 $486.00 as month.
 Listed for only 78,000 this is a steal!
Price $78,000 
Gross income $11,832 annualy!
Taxes $1803Insurance $750 (estimated)
Total Income after Tax and Insurance  $9279.00Cap Rate, as figured: 11.9%Turn-Key Properties LLC5614 Raytown … (0 comments)

missouri: Blowing Active Rain's Horn, a success story... with a little help from Google - 02/12/08 10:40 AM
The other night I posted a listing to Active Rain, Belton Commercial Real Estate. I finished up around midnight and went to bed. The next day I Googled the term "Belton,MO Commercial Property" BAM! I'm sitting proudly at #3.
Of course Yahoo hasn't picked it up yet, but who uses them anyway. Yahoo needs to take that offer from Bill Gates and give it up. 
So big props to Active Rain, and to Google for creating such useful tools and being so quick to spider pages.
Truly amazing. 
Belton, Mo Commercial Property  .

missouri: Copper theft devaluing real estate from coast to coast - 02/09/08 06:20 PM
Have you had a home stripped yet? In Kansas City copper theft and vandalism is a daily problem. I can't even count the number of homes I've seen that have fallen victim to this crime. Often the cost of the damage is greater than the value of the house.
There seems to be no boundaries, new homes, old homes, apartment buildings, even commercial properties and churches are targets. One local church had the rooftop air conditioners stolen in the night. Now how is it that no one notices people on the roof of a church at night throwing air conditioners off.
Kansas City … (8 comments)

missouri: Warm bodies... buying a property with warm bodies - 10/30/07 12:09 PM
This week I heard from yet another victim who bought a property full of warm bodies. Nearly every week I hear from someone who bought an investment property either on the promise of some unscrupulous agents notion that it would rent for some astronomical figure or worse a multifamily property that is inhabited by "warm bodies".
So how does this happen? First Missouri and Kansas still operate under the antiquated notion of a percentage based commission system. This creates an incentive to get your buyer to buy at a higher price. the more they pay, the more you make.
Percentage commissions are … (1 comments)

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