property: Russian Spies on Active Rain! - 06/29/10 02:01 PM
No Kidding!
I just read a story about several people busted for "allegedly" being Russian Spies, and several of them are in real estate!
One of them Ann Foley with Redfin has her own Active Rain Account.
According to news reports...
She was well liked and friendly!
Another suspected spy Anna Chapman is quite a hotty, she is reportedly the owner of a real estate website worth $2,000,000, I checked out her facebook page... not to look at the reportedly hot photos... really! and found she is connected to a real estate web site there.
That may not be the one, … (5 comments)

property: Missouri Horse Farm for Sale, Near Kansas City - 02/05/10 06:31 AM

This is a truly amazing property, located about 35 minutes east of Kansas City on nearly 50 acres of rolling green pasture. Custom built insulated barns with over 48 stalls, an arena, round pen and hay storage.
The house is an amazing 3600 square foot all brick ranch home with a full basement and an over-sized 3 car garage.
Excellent equestrian facilities have been the training and breeding place for many world champion AQHA and PHBA horses.
Listed Exclusively by D. Ben Edsall - Broker for Turn-Key Properties LLC an Accredited Equestrian Real Estate Professional.
Listed at just $1,600,000 … (2 comments)

property: Investing in Raytown, Mo real estate. - 01/11/09 01:36 PM
Where TO invest in Kansas City Real Estate!
There a many areas that are seeing great investment opportunity while the market is down. One of the ones I often mention to potential investors in Raytown, MO. Raytown is a suburb or Kansas City, in fact Raytown is almost completely surrounded by Kansas City.
 The Raytown School District is well respected and highly sought after by renters and home owners. Working with renters in the area for decades I have seen an increase in interest in the area. While Development in Kansas City staggers, large commercial development and improvements continue to come on-line in Raytown, MO.

property: Raytown Commercial Properties - 01/11/09 06:51 AM
Raytown Commercial Real Estate
Raytown is a very business friendly environment, Turn-Key Properties LLC as been located in the Raytown area since 1996. Raytown has a thriving network of local business professionals and an atmosphere of "keep it local".
Many Raytown residents try to shop and do business within the city limits of Raytown and try to support Raytown's schools, businesses and neighbors. Raytown offers many commercial real estate options, from strip centers, office buildings to dock high warehouse and auto-related space; and room to build. With the new Wal-Mart Super-center opening in the fall of 2009 and the related nearby … (0 comments)

property: Blue Springs Home For Rent, Blue Springs, MO House - 09/18/08 01:39 PM
Wow! What a beautiful home in Blue Springs, Mo. Located in Hidden Pointe, just across the street from two brand new Blue Springs Schools.
Beautiful pond to look out at from you back deck, Great deck with a nice cobblestone patio, lovely landscaping, flowers, flowering bushes and a lovely neighborhood.
Three bedrooms, two and a half baths and a two car garage, all appliances are included.
Take a walk through this lovely home with me.
For more information or to see this home please call us at 816-313-8876 or visit click here: Blue Springs House for Rent!

property: California Investors - 02/13/08 04:27 PM
Yes that's you! Most agents see you as a big target with a bullseye on your bank account.
I've actually seen posts and blogs with the key words targeted at "California investors".
I see you as something more, a client. Hokey yes but read on.
As a property manager I want a long term relationship, as a real estate broker I want a long term relationship. I want you to make money, not just buy something, get my commission and kiss you goodbye.
Most investors I meet have already made some kind of mistake, they paid too much for some crack-shack that will never cash … (0 comments)

property: Wow! Mortgage Debt Forgiven! Did you ever hear of such a thing? - 02/12/08 10:24 AM
Imagine getting a letter in your mailbox that states your mortgage debt has been forgiven... here's your deed!
That's what just happened to my brother; granted the debt was pretty small, but who ever heard of such a thing?
We grew up in the middle of Missouri, every year as kids we got to go to the Lake of the Ozarks. So my brother decided to buy a small piece of dirt their that might be a place to live when he retires or a second home for vacations.
A few months ago he decided he might want to sell it, and as a … (2 comments)

property: The Cowboy Way in real estate. - 02/05/08 03:28 PM
What is a cowboy? I've got a buddy, calls himself AZCowboy, he'd tell you, "You ain't a cowboy if you don't work a ranch all day".I've got a slightly different view, OK maybe a drastically different view. I thought it might be interesting to Google the term "cowboy" and see what I got. Like most things, the top listing was from Wiki: . 
A cowboy is a principled individual, a man or woman of codes and ethics, a patriot and a hard worker. It's more of a mindset, and a code of ethics than it is a job description. While not … (10 comments)

property: Warm bodies... buying a property with warm bodies - 10/30/07 12:09 PM
This week I heard from yet another victim who bought a property full of warm bodies. Nearly every week I hear from someone who bought an investment property either on the promise of some unscrupulous agents notion that it would rent for some astronomical figure or worse a multifamily property that is inhabited by "warm bodies".
So how does this happen? First Missouri and Kansas still operate under the antiquated notion of a percentage based commission system. This creates an incentive to get your buyer to buy at a higher price. the more they pay, the more you make.
Percentage commissions are … (1 comments)

property: Ethics, Fraud and deceptive sales practices. What would you do? - 08/29/07 03:58 PM
Say you knew of brokers, agents or another entity who is engaging in unethical behavior. But you know they have far greater resources and connections than you do. Those resources and connections could make your life pretty ugly
You know that this entity is over-pricing property, taking advantage of buyers, fudging income and expense numbers and possibly getting questionable appraisals.
BUT you have no actual evidence..... You have had several clients who have purchased property from a particular entity. That entity promises significant returns on investment, they rehab properties in low income neighborhoods and sell them, while vacant with exaggerated rental figures. Touting that they get them at a … (11 comments)

property: Rental Market in full swing Can't Sell it Rent it! - 08/20/07 02:27 PM
The years of 2004-2006 were dreadful for the rental market. I witnessed a continuing decline in both the rental rates and the availability of qualified renters. We literally had section-8 tenants move out and buy a house. While that was great for them the fact that anyone with a pulse could get a mortgage really killed the rental market.
Home ownership skyrocketed in the US to all-time highs! Unfortunately many people got suckered into ARM's or even interest only mortgages. Now the pendulum has swung the other way. Mortgages are getting harder to come by, lenders are getting scared and the market … (15 comments)

property: Residential Agents listing multi-family and Commercial Property ARGHHH! - 08/20/07 01:55 PM
I just have to rant a bit! I know I may sound condescending but you have no idea the frustration! this falls under do what you do and do it well.
Residential agents should stick to selling pretty kitchens to soccer moms and leave the other stuff to professionals who know what they are doing. Don't get me wrong; residential agents are great at what they do, but when it comes to investments stay home.
For weeks I had been driving by this duplex near my office with a for sale sign in the yard and the ugly multi-colored banners that you usually see at a … (7 comments)

property: Kansas City Investment Property - 06/13/07 12:25 PM
Nearly everyday I hear from another West Coast investor. Seems the market is flooded with buyers from the West Coast. Many are looking now at the massive number of foreclosures on the market. While foreclosures offer great opportunity for upside, they come with a vacancy problem, and usually some rehab costs.
Vacancy costs money, rehab costs money make sure you factor your vacancy and rehab figures into your investment pro-forma. Now take those figures and compare them to what you would have if you had made an offer on a tenanted home or apartment complex.
The foreclosure boom has made selling … (4 comments)

property: Kansas City and surrounding areas investment property insurance - 06/13/07 11:57 AM

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