real estate website: When to use Single Listing Sites and how to make them work. - 04/07/11 09:06 AM
      Before writing this I read some other blogs on AR about single listing sites, most talked up the advantages but few told you how or when to use them. Frankly most single listing sites are hardly even seen by the major search engines and really the only advantage is to impress your clients.
Firstly and most importantly you must decide the purpose of your single listing site.
To impress your sellers To attract targeted traffic To improve your other sites ranking (more links) To increase your presence in other markets Impressing your sellers is important, and impressing prospective clients can … (43 comments)

real estate website: My website crashed! fails again! - 07/12/08 05:42 PM
once again, my site is down, and are all dead. I am losing customers and money while these yahoos are jerking around.
OMG, I wish I had my site on my own server, from nearly 200 hits a day I have dropped like a rock, my clients cant access any information and I cant even upload new listing information.
I wouldn't be so angry if the losers at would actually answer a freaking email. They refuse to even respond to a simple request for information.
I hate to move my account because I fear that all of the hundreds … (22 comments)

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