selling my mandeville home: Google Wayne Turner/Turner Real Estate Group - 03/25/19 02:39 PM

Wayne Turner, Broker/Owner of Turner Real Estate Group in Mandeville, LA will always encourage home sellers to interview multiple real estate agents for the job of selling their home. When a home is listed for sale, a seller pays their listing agent a lot of money. It's important to research and choose a realtor with the resources to properly promote and market a home.
Wayne wants potential home sellers to google "Turner Real Estate Group" and "Wayne Turner" because he knows you will like what you find! Call us to list your house and get it sold! 985-626-1313.

selling my mandeville home: More Homes Are Selling - 03/11/19 01:21 PM

Each day in four parishes: St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Orleans, and Jefferson, 74 homes close. That's a total of 13,519 homes sold in 2018. If your property did not sell, it's not the market. It's the marketing - or lack thereof, that was not done to properly promote your home.
Wayne Turner with Turner Real Estate Group says, "if you are in the metro New Orleans area and need to sell your house, please give us a call. We would love the opportunity to meet with you and show you what we can do for you that is so different."
We've been in this … (0 comments)

selling my mandeville home: How Long for My Home to Sell? - 03/06/19 03:23 PM

"How long will it take my home to sell?" is a common question Wayne Turner, Broker/Owner of Turner Real Estate Group gets from potential home sellers.
When listing a house, Wayne will go out to the property with his computer, and open up the MLS. This is the realtor database that shows recently sold comps in the area. As a matter of fact, it's the same database that real estate appraisers use to give a home's value. After Wayne goes over the comps with you, the home seller, then you can determine what your house is worth and how long it'll take … (0 comments)

selling my mandeville home: How Long Are Listing Agreements? - 02/28/19 03:06 PM

Wayne Turner of Turner Real Estate Group in Mandeville, Louisiana often hears two questions from prospective sellers: “How long are your listing agreements, and what is your brokerage fee?” 
The truth is the brokerage fee we charge when listing real estate for sale varies. It depends on the individual circumstance, and is rated on a case by case basis. Also, as far as listing agreements go, they are required to have a beginning and an end. We choose to make ours 3 months. However, it's important to note that our sellers are not locked in - should a seller need to withdraw … (1 comments)

selling my mandeville home: The Keys to Selling - 02/25/19 02:44 PM

"When I was 24 years old I got my real estate license. It was then I realized there were homes on the market that didn't sell," says Wayne Turner of Turner Real Estate Group in Mandeville, Louisiana.
For example, last year in 2018 over 2,500 homes were placed on the market for sale but never sold. There are many reasons why this is the case, but the big ones are: price, condition, location, and the agent selected.
The keys to selling a home - marketing, promiting, advertising, and pricing - control how fast a home will sell, or if it will sell at … (1 comments)

selling my mandeville home: Your Home Sold Guaranteed - 02/22/19 12:52 PM

What you've heard is true... Turner Real Estate has investors that can buy your home, or Wayne himself can purchase your home. He has done so before in the past as part of the Guaranteed Sold program.
When we list a home for sale, we give a price up front that is guaranteed. This is a perk if you don't want to deal with listing your home on the market. It works for some people, while others may proceed with listing regularly. 
For more details on Wayne Turner, Turner Real Estate Group, and the Guaranteed Sold program visit or call us at 985-626-1313.
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selling my mandeville home: Did Your Home Not Sell? - 02/22/19 10:58 AM

Are you one of the 2,500+ people whose home did not sell last year when listed on the market? You are not alone. Here is what we at Turner Real Estate Group discovered after selling 3,000 homes. It's important that you hire an agent that is experienced.
“I make a really good living, and I’m not afraid to put it back into the business,” Wayne Turner of Turner Real Estate Group in Mandeville, La says. “I use the newest, most innovative technology just like this video to promote your house. We make sure people see your home.”
We have thousands of people in … (0 comments)

selling my mandeville home: Why to Sell in November & December - 11/05/18 02:18 PM

Wanting to sell your St. Tammany home, but wondering if it’s a good time to sell? Look no further! Wayne Turner with Turner Real Estate Group gives you the top 10 reasons why now is a great time to list your Slidell, Mandeville, or Covington home for sale!
Here’s our Top 10 Reasons to Sell in November and December:
1. Serious Home Buyers.  Home buyers looking during these times are not just tire kickers.  They’re approved and ready.
2. Exterior of homes are dormant due to colder weather.  Less work a home owner needs to do. Buyers are more focused on the interior.
3. Homes show … (0 comments)

selling my mandeville home: Expired Listings – What’s the Commission? - 10/08/18 02:03 PM
Happy Monday everyone! We’re back with Wayne Turner of Turner Real Estate group talking about expired listings in St. Tammany. Expired listings are homes that fell off the market unsold. Has your Slidell, Mandeville, or Covington home expired off the market? Frustrations and lack of communication between you and your Realtor can be tough.
Home sellers often come to me after their home expired asking what I can do to help. They’ll then inquire on my commission. My answer – we really don’t know until I see your home. It depends on each individual circumstance. We can have a sliding commission … (0 comments)

selling my mandeville home: Get The Most Bang for Your Buck - 10/13/17 03:03 PM
Wayne Turner with Turner Real Estate Group in Mandeville, La. discusses how St. Tammany homeowners can get the most out of their real estate investment.
These videos are part of the first segment of "The Daily Real", a new real estate show that highlights the hot topics of everything real estate. This show benefits not only St. Tammany home sellers and buyers, but also those in Tangipahoa and on the Southshore of New Orleans as well! 
In this video, Wayne goes over real estate taxes and how to get more back. Wayne explains if you're paying $8,000/year in interest and make $50,000 - … (0 comments)

selling my mandeville home: The Cost of an Experienced Realtor - 09/26/13 06:57 AM
Veteran realtors sell homes 12% more than newer realtors according to Bennie Waller, professor of finance and real estate at Longwood University. Experienced agents also list newer and larger properties than their less experienced counterparts.
In addition, two-thirds of properties listed by veteran agents sell. Newer agents only sell half of their listings.
"The more experience you have, the more likely you are to sell the properties that you list, the more likely you are to sell it at a higher price and the less time it stays on the market," Prof. Waller says.
This is why it's important to list … (1 comments)

selling my mandeville home: "25 Fix Ups... Improve Home Value" - 02/20/13 04:41 AM
25 Fixes to Drive Up the
Sales Price of Your Home
Because your home may well be your largest asset, selling it is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Once you have made that decision, you’ll want to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest period of time without compromising your sanity. Before you place your home on the market, here’s a way to insure you are as prepared as possible.
To assist home sellers, a new industry report has just been released: “27 Secrets That Get Your Home Sold … (1 comments)

selling my mandeville home: Don't Do It Till You Watch the Video - 10/23/12 02:46 AM
Don’t Do It Till You Watch the Video
Home sales are up 14.2% - It’s not the market, it’s the lack of marketing preventing homes from selling. Home owners should know that 249 homes are sold every month in St. Tammany. Improper promotions and marketing is the leading reason why 38% of homes placed on the market never sell. The agent a home owner chooses has everything to do with their home not selling.
Ask Yourself…
Was there a virtual tour done on my home? Was I given the video explaining why homes don’t sell? Did my house … (1 comments)

selling my mandeville home: How to Sell My Mandeville - Covington Home? - 03/10/12 04:14 AM
What Realtors Aren't Telling You can Cost You Thousands. . . Selling a home in St.Tammany Parish is not like it used to be five years ago.  The Realtor you choose must be aggressive, positive and have a specific marketing account to promote your Mandeville, Covington home till it closes.  They need to inform you if they are full time and work no other job except sellinh homes.  Ask all agents if they have assistant to help in the selling process.  We have a full service team to sell homes.  This has allowed for us to be one of the top realtors for selling … (0 comments)

selling my mandeville home: "Selling My Mandeville Home" - 02/08/12 09:27 AM
Avoid the 5 most dangerous trends home owners face when selling in todays market.  This new report gives home owners a birds eye view of what dramatically plagues selling and making profit.  Per the request of thousands of consumer looking to prevent huge losses of equity this report will show home owners what to avoid when selling a home in Mandeville or Covington, LA.

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