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In the summer of ‘04, John and Sally fell in love. Both were in their late 20's and had recently gone through difficult divorces. Life being unpredictable, as it is, put them in each other's paths about one year prior. Since they were both going through difficult times, they hit it off immediatel...
Hi folks. I received an offer on one of my listings today. I was pretty excited when I heard it was coming over but of course as soon as I saw it, my excitement faded. Now folks, I know things are slow and I know it's a Buyer's market. My Sellers know this too. In fact my strategy, during this mo...
I don't know if I'm weird or not but did you know I really enjoy paying bills? It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. Maybe it's because there were times in my life where I couldn't pay the bills. I wanted to, but one ingredient was missing. Money! Didn't have any and didn't know where to...
I'm writing this post today at the request of Cynthia Sloop. She left this comment on my "peeps" post, the other day: EDITED FOR LENGTH."You mentioned that you educated your sellers at the listing appointment about the inspection. Being a little green still, I can't say I've heard anyone, in the ...
I had a home inspection done on one of my pending listings yesterday afternoon. It's a 20 year old frame home, which for my market area is ancient and a little out of the ordinary, since most of our homes our concrete block. I was a little bit nervous and hoping there weren't going to be any majo...
OK, last Saturday I wrote, a post, about my struggle with having to complete my 14 hours continuing education, for my license renewal, that is due by March 30th. Anyway, I decided to order the book, from Bert Rogers School of Real Estate, so I could complete my 14 hours and take the 30 question, ...
Hey, has any one heard about the subprime lending crisis? OK, I guess you probably have. From what I understand, this crisis, we are going through right now, is due to all the lowlife, lying and cheating Mortgage Brokers that had saturated our business over the last few years looking to pad their...
Hi fellow Rainers. This is one of those post I have been struggling with for days. My dilemma has been whether to write it, or not. "Well, Broker Bryant, what's the big deal?" The big deal is, this is my 100th featured post!! Now I guess this is based on the assumption that it will be featured. O...
I had a request from Renee Burrows, earlier this week, to write a post on what Buyers and their REALTORS® can do to make their offers more appealing to my Sellers. As, primarily a listing Broker, I can assure you it's not always about the price. So what do I look for in an offer? What can a REALT...
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