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OK, today I want to take a little trip down memory lane. As most of you know I have been selling real estate in Poinciana Fl since 1994. I have seen this community grow from 7,000 people to almost 70,000 today. Poinciana has been the 2nd fastest growing PUD (planned unit development) in the count...
Hi folks. John Ochi wrote a post yesterday titled "Pet Peeve: Don't Show Showings". Give it a quick read if you haven't already. Anyway, in his post, John is expressing his frustration at REALTORS® that make appointments to show his listings and then don't show and don't call to cancel. I guess h...
07/29/2007's Friday video time!!! This week TLW and I have been contemplating opening a new and exciting Real Estate Company. With our market, being down the way it is, we figured we could open up a discount Brokerage and take advantage of the hard time some Sellers are having f...
 Hi folks. Today I want to do something a little different. The title of this post says it all "Did you know?". These are random observations from me, Broker Bryant, that I hope will make you smarter, or at a minimum, make you think. Please feel free to add to the list in the comments. And by all...
Today, I read a post written by Maggie Dokic. If you haven't read it stop and give it a quick read. Her post and the comments have inspired this post. Her post is about a Buyer not being loyal and using different REALTORS® to look at properties. By the way, I thought Maggie handled the Buyer fair...
Howdy my friends and future customers. Today I want to write a little bit about proper pricing and what happens to your property if you don't get the pricing right, right from the get go. I wrote a post last August about a listing appointment I went on, it was titled "Counting the chickens before...
While doing my daily MLS research, this morning, I noticed a new listing, that was priced very, very well. In fact it was priced "to good to be true". So I thought I best do a little more investigating on it. Well it turns out the list price was actually nothing more than a teaser. I think it's c...
Today, while reading through my new Real Trends magazine I came across an article on NAR's new proposed "Gateway" National MLS project. Have you heard of this? According to an article on this will be "a repository containing detailed current and historical information on all real prop...
Hi folks! Well, today, I received another of those fraudulent offers for one of my listings. Do you get as tired as I do of getting these things? It really leaves a bad taste in my mouth for our profession. When folks hire a REALTOR® they should be assured that they will not be participating in m...
This morning, while sitting in my office doing my daily MLS Hot Sheet study, I noticed a new listing. In the first line of the remarks section it read "Front screen door does not convey". Now what the heck is that all about? You mean I can buy your house but you won't leave the screen door? Well ...

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