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OK folks, I'm going to do something different today. I'm going write a short post!!! It'll be hard but I can do it......I think.Some of you may know my Seller, CaliGal, from ActiveRain. She has been an avid reader of my Blog and ended up listing her house in Poinciana with me back in February. Sh...
On my last post, "Listing to sell NOT signing to fail", Michael Eisenberg asked, "How does someone with little or no track record get the listing appointments?" Michael, that is a very good question so let me see if I can help answer it with this post. In fact, let me take it a step further and a...
Hi folks. I wrote a post this week titled "My Poinciana "Peeps" Need Me!". It was basically about the things I do to get my listings sold in this more difficult market or any market for that matter. There were two questions that were asked in the comments that I want to address in this post. The ...
Hi folks. As you know if you have been reading my blog, my market, Poinciana Fl, is in dire straights. Values are declining rapidly and inventory is at an all time high with only 3% of the inventory closing each month. Closings are down 62% for the year and property values are down about 25%. It...
I have heard that so many times, I thought I best try and clarify, what being a "Transaction Broker" means. In Florida all Realtors are presumed to be "Transaction Brokers" unless disclosed differently. Personally, I think this was a great change in how we as Realtors are able to "represent" our ...
Last night I watched a show titled "The World according to Google". Have you seen it? I thought it was very interesting. I must say Google has it happening! I guess these guys are on a mission to have all the data known to mankind under one roof.....Google. Kind of "Orwellian" don't you think? Ha...
OK, first let's get the important thing out of the way. WE HAVE NO FRIDAY FUNNY VIDEO TODAY! Sorry folks. I've been a very busy Broker this week and have not had time to get my head around doing a video. My bad. We WILL be back next week though.Now, if you still feel like reading my post today, h...
Hi folks. Today I want to play the "what would you do?" scenario game. The following, is a scenario that could happen to any of us so I'm curious to how you would handle it. What would you do if.........First, business has been kind of slow. You're still making money but deals are far and few bet...
Hi folks. Lately I've read several posts about comments. How to comment, how to respond to comments and what to do when you get negative comments. Some of the posts I thought made valid points and some I thought were just foolishness. But hey everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm not one to ...
 OK folks, as promised here's my follow up to my post last week, "Are you "hulking" up your business plan?". A couple of members had mentioned that the things I mentioned were all well and good but what if you don't have the money to increase advertising and so forth? Well, that's a good question...

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