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 OK, if I were a smart man, I wouldn't write this post BUT.........sometimes I just have to throw it out there and see where it goes. As many of us have, I have been following all the ActiveRain vs. Move, Inc. stuff floating around the blogosphere over the last few days. If nothing else, it has b...
Hi folks. I don't normally post two days in a row but this one's too good to not share. This morning, I took my buyer back to the builder to do the contract for her purchase. This particular builder requires that buyers are pre-qualified through their preferred Lender who is on site. You don't ha...
 Hi folks. OK, I'm going to make this one short and sweet. As most of you know, my market in Poinciana Fl is brutal right now. Only 1.7% of the available inventory is selling every month. Can it get any worse than that? Maybe.Anyway, I've been a listing Broker for 13 years and rarely if ever take...
Hi folks. Today I want to talk about co-brokes. Now since this post will be about commissions, please let's not use specific percentages, we don't want to upset Sherman and his anti-trust crew. I'm going to be talking about principles anyway so amounts are not important.First, I want to clear up ...
Hi Broker Bryant,I joined ActiveRain back in April and have been spending a lot of time reading blogs an comments. I even written a blog a several weeks a go but have bean afraid to post it. I no I shouldn't be but there are so many rule's and stuff I'm afraid people will laugh at me. I'm a hard ...
Here's an interesting dilemma for you. Let me know how you would handle it. I have an appointment with one of my long time customers tomorrow to write a deal on a new construction townhouse. This particular buyer is the daughter of one of my investors. Over the last couple of years I have assiste...
OK, today, I'm re-posting one of my older posts. As you know, most of my posts are designed to help my peers in their business and this particular post is probably more relevant today than it was when I first posted it a little more than a year ago. With this more difficult market there are folks...
 OK, have you heard this one before?"Good morning....Tutas Towne Realty. This is Broker Bryant how can I help you today?""Yes....hi Broker Bryant we are interested in selling our house.""Excellent! You have called the right man. I too am interested in selling your house. Tell me a little bit abou...
OK folks, I'm going to really do it today. Short, sweet and to the point!! On my last post "Broker Bryant has a serious ‘tude!" Connie Cagle asked me this question:"Some people do mistake confidence as being cocky, and when you're in this field of work, at times that can come across as being a pu...
Hi folks. OK my post today was sparked by Jennifer Allan's post "What Your Sellers May Not Know......but need to." If you haven't already read it, take a minute to do so, as it is very good. Jennifer is briefly touching down on a mistake she had made by assuming that an experienced Seller knows a...

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