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I woke up this morning and was feeling a little strange. So I pulled my aching body out of bed and went into the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror this is what I saw staring back at me!! Yikes! I thought Blogging Bertha was a figment of my imagination and now I realize she's actually a part o...
Hi folks. Let's talk a little bit about professional courtesy. I hear this term quite a bit on AR and in my business. Usually, it goes something like this:"The listing agent should have told me he had other offers on the property, as a professional courtesy"."Even though my buyer's offer was a l...
Ok, I guess I am on a roll this week when it comes to dealing with clueless REALTORS(R). Not that this is anything new, it just seems that I have had a whole bunch of them this week. So, I've been thinking. Why is it that so many REALTORS(R) are clueless? They've all been through very intense (jo...
Hi humans. My name is A. House and I'm five years old. I know that doesn't sound old to you but for A. House in Poinciana Fl that's pretty old. Some nice folks gave birth to me back in January of 2002. They liked me a lot. They made me look real purdy too. I was dressed up in bright red carpet an...
Online Videos by Hi folks. Today I want to talk a little bit about soliciting expired listings. If you read my blog then you know I LOVE expired and withdrawn listings. They are by far, my number one source of business, even though blogging is slowly catching up.I have been soliciting ex...
> This morning, I was talking to one of my Investors and he told me something that I was kind of expecting but was truly hoping wouldn't happen. "Broker Bryant, I spoke with my bank this week about placing an equity line on one of my Poinciana properties and they said they couldn't do it. They ar...
Hi folks. I've got something really new and exciting to share with you today. I'm now in the Disney Vacation Club resale business. That's right....I'm a timeshare Broker. Yesterday, my mother, Jaki Tutas-Apetz and my youngest brother Kinn Tutas, launched a new business...Garden Views Realty, Inc....
Hi folks. I'm writing this post today to bring you guys a dose of "feel good about your market" stuff. So if you are feeling down and your market is beating you up, sit back, relax and have yourself a little read. It will make you feel better I'm sure. Unless of course you are one of my Sellers. ...
Hi folks, this is a follow up to my last post, Posh'd Oh my gosh! Does that make me an "Expert"? In that post I wrote this:"What if NAR or your State's Real Estate Board, decided tomorrow, to clamp down on all the ethical and legal violations that abound in blogdom? And believe me they do abound....
                                                                        Hey there! I forgot to tell you guys that my blogsite got posh'd this month. I'm not quite sure why or how but I guess that it's a good thing. So if you have a moment pop over and give me a vote. The site wit...

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