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In mid 2005, one of my Investors had a contract to purchase a vacant lot that he was going to build a 10 unit condominium on. At the time, we negotiated a deal for $64,000 that was accepted and we also negotiated a 90 day "due diligence" period. The lot is owned by a REALTOR®. Once the contract w...
Today, I have spent some time, trying to get my head around the current market in Poinciana Fl. I need to know how many properties in our MLS(Multiple Listing Service) are currently in foreclosure, bank owned or requiring a short sale. For the purpose of this post I will call these "default prop...
Hey guys. I took a little time today to put together this resource for you. In case you hadn't noticed there were some excellent posts written over the last few days relating to the mortgage crisis. I've placed all the links in one place so I can send it to my Sellers. This is good stuff.Ten  Nin...
Hi folks. This post was inspired by Lenn Harley's excellent featured post "CALIFORNIA SUBPRIME BORROWERS MAY GET RELIEF? - More Questions than Answers. If you haven't read Lenn's post, you need to. Make sure to read all the comments as well. She has a great discussion going on over there.Anyway, ...
Earlier this week, Elizabeth Nieves, wrote a post titled "PLEASE look at this photograph before Thanksgiving", if you haven't read it please take a moment to do so as it is heart wrenching. If her photo doesn't move you to action then maybe this one will. Take a long hard look.Folks, let's make a...
Online Videos by He we are two days before Thanksgiving and I can't seem to get off the phone. I really just want to take some down time and relax this week but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Too many people calling wanting me to list their properties. Normally that would b...
Hi folks. This post is a follow up to my post earlier this week, "One ringy dingy.....two ringy dingy!" If you read that post then you know I am a firm believer in answering the phone when it rings. There are occasions, however, when I can't and in those cases the caller will get my voice mail, ...
Hi Folks. I know I've written about this topic on several occasions but I feel it's worth repeating. Don't wait for people to find your blog, PUSH it at them. The way I look at it is, I spend a lot of time and effort putting together blog articles. Just about every thing anyone could ever want to...
 Hi folks. Today is your lucky day. I'm going to make you some serious money. As you know, I love writing about real estate to try and help my peers in their business. I do this because I learned a long time ago that the fastest way to success is to bring others up with you. So....I share what I ...
Good morning fellow Rainers. This post was inspired by Joslyn Panka's post "Pay up, or you'll be sorry". If you haven't read her post please take a few minutes to do so. It's a well deserved featured post and managed to get my mind working this morning. While I don't agree with Joslyn's take I ce...

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