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Ok folks, I'm writing today to get some input on Sovereign Wealth Funds(SWFs). I read an article the other day in Time magazine mentioning the fact that foreign countries, specifically, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Norway and a few others are investing large amounts of mo...
Well here we are just a few days away from 2008 and all I can say is "Thank God I made it through 2007!" This has certainly been one of my more challenging years as far as Real Estate goes. But you wasn't too bad.Granted my sales volume was down about 30% from 2006 and my income was a...
Today I had my last closing for 2007. Yippee!!! I made it through a difficult year. This particular closing is the definition for "get ‘er done!".I listed this property on January 5th 2007. It was my first listing of the year and fittingly my last closing of the year. It's been quite the ride.350...
Hi folks. How many of you have heard "REALTORS® are the reason prices skyrocketed so high during the boom"? I know I have. Especially from the "bubble heads". They feel that we were out there setting prices higher and higher because the Buyers would pay it. There is some truth to that but the pri...
This week I was contacted by a REALTOR® and asked to Broker her company. It's a husband and wife team who have been in Real Estate, in Florida, for about six months but own their own company. They need a "rent a broker" to qualify their corporation. The offer made to me was a percentage of gross ...
  Lenn Harley posted yesterday about market data and the media. She pointed out that it is not all about the price but also about the volume of sales. In her area the price is up 57% since 2002 but volume is down 59%. She explains it better than me so here's the link....go read and her post. I'll...
 Hi folks. I was just sitting here today going over some of the consumer responses I have had from blogging. As you know, most of my posts are geared towards my peers BUT I do make sure they have good information for the consumer as well. It's been my experience that the consumer likes to see ho...
Hi folks. I've been trying to get my head around the proposed rate freeze. Rosemary Brooks wrote a post yesterday expressing her concerns about this program and how it will exclude too many folks. After going back and forth with her in the comments we both agreed that if you can't help everyone t...
Hi folks. In my recent post, A "gift of equity" and the "loose fly", I briefly touched down on a RMB (Realtor/mortgage broker) that was asking my Seller to commit mortgage fraud by pretending that he was a relative of the Buyer so he could give a "Gift of equity". This post is a follow up.After c...
Earlier today, I received a call from the Realtor/Mortgage Broker(RMB) on one of my pending deals. I was kind of expecting it but was hoping it would happen sooner rather than later. You see when this guy called me about a month ago, to let me know he was sending over an offer for one of my listi...

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