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  Hi folks, you may have already read about HomeGain's new "Personal blooging network for real estate professionals" If not read this post by Brian Brady and this one by Greg Swann over at Bloodhoundblog.This post is NOT about Homegain's new blogging platform. This post is about REALTORS® and the...
  Hi folks. Today I want to try to get my head around the distressed property market in Poinciana FL. By distressed properties I mean, banked owned and short sale listings. These stats are from the Mid-Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service and assume that the data was entered correctly. I'm s...
OK, you'll like this one. I've recently been communicating with a Seller that wants to list and sell a couple of vacant building lots in Poinciana. The lot market in Poinciana has pretty much dried up since most of the builders moved out of the area last year.During the peak of the market, 2005, ...
Yesterday, I read a very good post by Dan Homan titled "Ethics in Advertising". If you haven't read his post please take a minute to do so. Dan brought up an excellent point about the way our listings are distributed around the Internet. It seems like some of the "listing" sites are not displayin...
Hi folks. I had a couple of listing appointments today and thought I would try a new approach. I decided to do the market analysis at the house in front of the potential Sellers. What I noticed was that the Sellers were much more receptive to what I was telling them about price. It's difficult to...
Hi folks. As you know my market, Poinciana Fl, is brutal right now. So, today, I decided to get very proactive with trying to locate some Buyers for homes in Poinciana Fl. this. Online Videos by  If you're looking to sell or buy a home in Poinciana Fl, give me a call...
Dear Mr and Mrs Homeseller,I hope this email finds you doing well. In this more difficult real estate market it's important that we get as much exposure as we can for your property. Statistics show that most Buyers(about 80%) start their home search on the Internet these days. The Multiple Listi...
Hi folks. This post is not about real estate.'s something I have to write. It will also not be politically correct so you have been warned.TLW's last post mentioned one of our tenants that was shot and killed by the police department this past Thursday. This post will delve into this i...
Sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do.Dear Pesky REALTOR(R),I have just received ANOTHER call from one of my sellers mentioning your recent mailer. It seems this mailer has a little hand written note on the back mentioning their days on market. So it is obvious that this is not just a ...
Today, I had a closing where the Buyer almost didn't close. It seems the closing costs were about $800 higher than expected. I wasn't on the Buyer's side so not quite sure where the issue came in.Probably just first time home buyer jitters and some lack of communication between the Buyer and her...

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