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Hi folks. A few weeks ago I was listening to Real Estate Radio USA. Yes, I am an avid listener of the Barries. Anyway, Barry Cunningham, the big fluffy one, brought up an excellent point about blogging. His point was...."What do we write about, after we have covered everything there is, related ...
Have you ever been accused of being unethical? I have. In fact, I've been accused many times. In ALL cases they were wrong. Here are some of the practices where I have been accused of being unethical.    I received a larger check than the selling agent at closing. I actually had a Broker threate...
Hi folks. I had one of my Sellers email me earlier today needing an update on what is going on with her property. She's an absentee Seller and I could feel her frustration. She had been to my Poinciana website and noticed that I had just closed on a short sale that was similar in size to her hous...
This is one of my classic posts that I felt I needed to bring to the front of my blog. It shows that short sales aren't something new. This post was written in December of 2006. Enjoy!!! 12/15/2006 Your home is your castle, not an ATM machine! 97 13294 9381 Tomorrow, I'm placing a home on the mar...
OK so the Department of Revenue in Florida has decided to charge Documentary Stamps (tax) on the amount of mortgage forgiveness related to short sales. Doc Stamps in Florida are charged at the rate of $.70 per every $100 on the Deed of every real estate transaction.  For example: If you sell your...
Hi folks. I posted an article last year titled "Sally's Eyes Will Make a Grown Man Cry", if you haven't read it please take a minute to do so as it was a powerful post. This post is a follow up.  When I listed Sally's house, the biggest issue, was whether or not to disclose the murder/suicide of ...
OK folks, In honor of My Lovely Wife's birthday today I am reposting her very first post. She was a guest author on my blog and I posted this for her on August 19, 2006. It was a featured post at the time and TLW decided to open up her own AR profile 5 days later. goes. The Ten C...
In my last post I had mentioned that I was dealing with a PMI (private mortgage insurance) company during my short sale negotiations. Some of you guys didn't realize that this was one of the entities involved in the decision making. PMI is almost always required when the home is purchased with le...
ok In our profession we're at times in a rush to get things done. I myself sometimes forget things. Here are a few things that every agent or mortgage consultant could use in times of grave emergencies.   Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out...
Hi folks. With the Localism "Land rush" going on this week we, Broker Bryant and I, just know that some of you are missing out on the communities you want or may be purchasing more than you need. With that in mind, Broker Bryant and I are opening up a new business.....ROAR! Realty.  We at ROAR! ...

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