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Hi folks. Recently I received an email from an agent asking me about Listing Presentations. I've written often on how I handle my presentations. Here are the basics. First, I want to let you know that my listing presentation may be a little different than most. I've never had any training and I'v...
Hi folks,. I sell a lot of properties sight unseen over the Internet. Including this one. Of course it's prudent to go have a look before the final paper work is signed. If may end up with this '"Needs  TLC" property.   Beautiful Foreclosure "For Sale"   Hard wood flooring t...
I can't believe I wrote this 2 1/2 years ago!!! has it really been that long already since the market changed? ************************************************************* Sometimes, market changes are best understood by the sights and sounds around us. On Saturday I posted my "sign post" that g...
Buying an Investment property in Florida right now can be lucrative but it's not easy. Here is some information that may help.If you want to purchase a Foreclosure you will not have time to look at the property prior to making an offer. The “deals” will have multiple offers within hours of being...
Hi folks. Today I have mixed emotions. Lenn Harley has a great featured post today basically showing how asinine our Government has been by throwing away trillions of dollars to bail out banks while ignoring the true issue……lack of equity.  According to Lenn (and I agree) we have an equity proble...
Jeff Corbett wrote a post recently titled Survey Says...Realtors Suck. His post was about a California Association of REALTORS(R) survey that was released in July of 2008. If you have the time give it a read. The post and the survey. So......why is it that so many REALTORS(R) suck? They’ve all be...
Hi folks. Well…..I made it through another week. Here are some funny things that happened this week.1. One of my Sellers gave me fake pay check stubs that his boss “created” so he could show a lower income to his Lender and qualify for a Short Sale.  2. We made an offer on a REO, sight unseen, o...
Something to think about: A good listing Agent has the ability to analyze market data and is able to present it in a way to "sell" the seller on pricing properly. This is actually one area that a lot of Agents and Sellers get wrong. They believe it's what we do after we take the listing that gets...
Hey Hun, after all we have been through in the last 9 months I thought I'd repost this for ya. It's all true you know? Just don't make me say it :) Have I ever told you guys how lucky I am? No? OK so here goes. I am sooooooo lucky. "But Broker Bryant you always said you weren't lucky, that your ...
My last post had some interesting comments about Limited Service Listings. Here's a portion of my favorite one: "I can't understand limited Service at all. It's stupid to say the least! Wreckless at the worst. Just plain neglegent at best. Limited service implies low ball commission. Either list ...

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