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Is doing a Strategic Short Sale the right thing to do? First let me define Strategic Short Sale. A Strategic Short Sale is when you can afford your mortgage payments and are making payments on time BUT you owe more than the property is worth. You make a strategic decision to sell the property an...
Hi folks. Short Sales. Why do I spend so much of my time messing with these things? Isn’t it true most people are just doing them to avoid honoring their promissory note? They borrowed the money....they should pay the mortgage. Deadbeats! I closed on a Short Sale a few months ago. The Seller had ...
Maybe. Maybe not. Some lenders/investors will require that you are 30 days late to receive short sale approval and some won't. As a Florida Short Sale Broker who has handled lots of successful Florida Short Sales I still haven't figured out what triggers the "You must be late" requirement. Just ...
Go figure. They don't own the property but still they are hiring listing Brokers. I know this because I was hired last week to list a Kissimmee Florida Short Sale. Now technically the owner is the one hiring me but the reality is the entire transaction is being managed by the asset company. From...
Is Early Occupancy OK for Short Sales? Move in without closing first? Whoa! I just got an offer on a Destin Florida short sale listing with an early occupancy clause.  The buyer wants to move into the property before closing and short sale approval.  Is that a good idea? Continue Added by Wendy ...
Yes it's true. I didn't think it was when a potential Seller called me in December to see if I could place his Bellalago Short Sale on the market. He said that Chase contacted him and offered him $20,000 to short sale his Florida property. He had 3 days to get it listed and send them the listing...
Hi folks. Someone asked how to quickly improve their income in Real Estate. My answer is simple: Get more listings Get more listings Get more listings Lead generation should always be the number one priority. Enough qualified leads will solve all other issues. Forget about SEO and social media a...
....beware of FIRPTA. Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 In a nutshell, FIRPTA requires the closing agent or buyer to withhold 10% of the amount realized (usually the purchase price) to ensure that the tax due on the sale is given to the IRS. Basically the IRS doesn't want the mo...
  Discussions Replies Latest Activity The Short Sale Black List!! I'm curious if anyone has heard of such a thing. I was talking with some insiders and they mentioned that there is a list called the "Cruel… Started by Eric Mieles 6 1 minute ago Reply by Bryant Tutas LACK OF COMMUNICATION!!! I wa...
Hi folks. The good feeling I get from testimonials, like the one below, is the main reason why I chose to make my living helping distressed borrowers in Florida avoid foreclosure. Handling Florida Short Sales has given me a renewed energy in my business. Negotiating Florida Short Sales is a very...

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