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Hi folks. This one will be real short and sweet. After all it is the Readers Digest version. However, I believe if you follow this very brief outline it will help you tremendously in your Real Estate business. Are you ready? OK here goes...... Find out WHO is buying and selling Real Estate. Find...
  As many of you already know Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now handling Short Sales much as they do their REO properties. Fannie Mae now has the new Standard Short Sale. Here are the Fannie Mae Standard Short Sale Guidelines. Please read the guidelines for more info and visit the Fannie Mae Ho...
  Good morning Superstars. Here are some of this week's top discussions.   DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity What Are Your Short Sale Successes? Hi Everyone - Just for fun - tell us about your successes with short sales. A lot about this site is helping you solve problems. Most peo… Started by W...
1) What is the likelihood that the bank refuses to let us do a short sale on the grounds that they don't think our financial situation is dire enough?  Is the hardship we discussed sufficient or is there some specific amount of financial desperation we need to prove?  You may not have enough inf...
  They are sure trying to! Short Sales are not REOs. The lender is not a party to the listing agreement. Lenders are trying to pretend they are. All I can do is shake my head when I read this new requirement from BofA. Here's a thought. Why not have the Short Sale lender purchase the home from th...
Hi Folks. Fred Glick posted an article earlier this week titled "No more need for appraisals". Go give it a read if you haven't already. Fred's article is basically a "dream" that appraisals are no longer needed to get a mortgage.. My opinion is that his dream will be a reality in the very near ...
How many times have you had a Seller tell you "I ain't paying no closing costs for the buyer!" or "I'm not paying you x% to sell my property!" My answer is always the same, "Why not? What difference does it make to you? Let me show you the figures and what your Net is. Isn't that really all you ...
Good morning Superstars. Every agents wants MORE listings! Join many of the top short sale specialists around the country and share with and learn from the BEST in the industry at the 2013 Short Sale Symposium at Sea cruise conference. One of the main focus' at this years conference will be cent...
  Good morning Superstars,   Here are this week's top Superstar discussions. DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity Can a Bank set their own HAFA Program Guidelines?!!! Hello, We have been negotiating a Short Sale that had originally both mortgages with Homeward Residential. Now, the 2nd was transfer...
Being an active adult doesn’t mean sitting around playing Mahjong all day. Things have changed. Today’s active adults are getting fit. In fact did you know that aging is a choice? We can make a choice everyday when we wake up to rot a little more or get up and get busy with taking care of our bo...

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