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Tutas Towne Realty and Bryant Tutas  just had another successful Wellington Florida Short Sale closing with Chase.   The property: Investment Property. 4 bedroom 3 bath single family pool home located in Wellington Florida. This home has 2,638 sq ft of living area and was built in 2003. It was p...
  Good morning Superstars.   Here are this week's Superstar discussions.   DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity Nationstar / What's your story? Is your client being forced into Started by Thom Colby CA Broker 14 8 hours ago Reply by Karen Warren Promissory Note Counter Offe...
Hi folks. In 2001, the Federal Reserve Board and the U.S. Treasury Department proposed rules allowing national bank conglomerates to engage in real estate brokerage and management. The rule would have reclassified these activities as financial in nature. The National Association of Realtors was d...
  Good morning Superstars.   Will you be joining us for the Short Sale At Sea Symposium this year? We'd love to have you. If you are going pop me an email to   Every agents wants MORE listings! Join many of the top short sale specialists around the country and share...
  Good morning Superstars. Here's a sampling of this week's superstar discussions.   DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity FANNIE MAE COMMITTING FRAUD IN SHORTSALE BPO VALUATIONS! OVER INFLATED PRICE FIXING! Anyone out there experiencing the short sale nightmares going on with Fannie Mae with OVER I...
  I took this picture in Belize in 2012.   Trying to tell a Seller what their home is worth could be a mistake. Why? Because it will almost always be worth more to the seller than to the buyer.   Sellers are emotionally attracted to their homes.  They are arriving at a value based on what their ...
Here's an Oldie but goodie for you. It really illustrates the mortgage fraud issues we dealt with during the boom. Original article and comments from March 2008 OK you're going to like this one. Several years ago I wrote a deal. It was one of those rare occasions where I was on both sides of the...
  Good morning Superstars. Here's a sampling of this week's Superstar discussions. DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity IRS Lien release about to expire - any way for an extension? To make a long story short, we are the buyers of a SS. It was approved by seller's lender in December and when we went...
Well where do I begin today? There are many changes taking place with Short Sales that have me concerned about the direction real estate is heading. Especially as it relates to Short Sales. Concern #1: It seems like the bulk of Short Sales are now with entities other than banks. Such as Nationst...
Hi folks, We had a buyer of a short sale post an article this week about his perspective of the Short Sale process. I found his perspective very helpful. Check it out. At the end of his article he asks: So, my question to "you" superstars is: Why is this? Why does it seem that deadlines are trea...

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