compensation: A Few Thoughts That May Help You Get Paid On Your Short Sale Transaction - 02/11/12 05:48 AM
Hi folks. OK so I feel compelled again to write about Short Sales and knowing how to get paid. There is so much bad information out there.

There are many agents, brokers, attorneys, negotiators and others that are just adamant that agents are at the mercy of the lenders when it comes to commissions.

I read an article on another site where the agent asked a simple question wanting to know if his seller could pay him additional commission above the 6% the lender approved.

Responders were shocked that he would even consider taking more money from his … (8 comments)

compensation: Compensation Is Only An Issue If You Don't Know How to Collect It - 01/07/11 08:51 AM

Hi folks. I read a couple of posts today about Buyer's agents not being happy with the co-brokes being offered. One was featured and then disappeared. The other is a rebuttal from Glenn Roberts titled "Who Will Pay the Buyer's Agent"
I was going to write my own article and then remembered...I've already written it!! Several times actually. Here are a few that are a blast from the past. The comments are far better than the articles and well worth the read. Just make your self comfortable and give yourself plenty of time. The comments are very long. The … (8 comments)

compensation: If You Are Going To Work Short Sales... Know How To Get Paid. - 12/20/10 08:41 AM

Hi folks. Bob Hertzog started a good conversation earlier this week on his article....
Attn: Short Sale Listing Agents...READ YOUR LENDER APPROVAL LETTERS BEFORE CALLING ME WITH THE "GREAT NEWS"!! Some how the comments made it around to commissions. One of the responders stated:

"...because it is the investor and/or pmi (mortgage insurance) who determines who gets what and how much." And of course since this is dealing with Short Sales and how we get paid I just had to chime in.....
The above statement is not correct. Our listing agreement with the seller determines how much we … (110 comments)

compensation: As a listing do you justify your high commission? - 07/01/08 01:25 PM
OK, here I go again, jumping into the Lion's Den. In today's post I want to take another shot at answering the question "As a listing broker, how do you justify your high commission?" My goal is to answer this question in a way that will satisfy, "the Sultan's of Short Sales, the Crusaders of Capitalism, and the Prophet's of Profit...Barry Cunningham and Barry Johnson" over at Real Estate Radio USA . I know, your probably thinking, "Broker Bryant, why are you wasting you're time with these guys?" could be because I'm stubborn or.....maybe I'm just an idiot!! 
But, the … (98 comments)

compensation: Selling the cost instead of the service. - 01/04/08 07:31 AM
Hi folks. Today I want to write a little bit about ABMs(Alternative Business Models) or "Discounters" as they are commonly called, not by me but by themselves and many others. Personally, I think we need to drop the term "Discounter" since real estate commissions are ALWAYS negotiable. I prefer the term ABMs.
First, I want to mention that I have NO problem with ABMs. In fact, I think the consumer should have options when it comes to who to hire and how much to pay. I welcome ALL business models and have done many transactions with folks that choose to work for … (68 comments)

compensation: Compensation or performance? Which one will it be? - 12/26/06 01:06 AM
There's been a couple of posts, recently, about alternative ways for Realtors to be compensated. One idea, put forth on ActiveRain, by Brian Brady and then by Jeff Corbett, is compensation based on performance. I guess the reasoning behind this is that we, as Realtors, would have an incentive to negotiate harder for our Sellers and therefore, get them a higher selling price for their property, if we had an increasing pay scale. I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and I am having difficulty coming up with a plan that I feel would work. First, I always … (90 comments)

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