educational: Tips To Help You Learn Your Real Estate Market. - 01/01/12 03:11 AM

Hi folks. During one of my interviews this year a listener posed a question that got me thinking. The question was "How do you learn your market?". It caught me a little off guard. Not that I don't know the answer but that someone in our business had to ask the question.
Knowing our market is what our job is all about. Knowing our market is why buyers and sellers need us. Knowing our market is what gives us confidence in our business. Knowing our market is how we know where and who to market to. Knowing our market is … (37 comments)

educational: What The Buyers Broker Agreement Is NOT For And What It Does. - 11/28/10 12:53 AM

Hi guys. I hope ya'll had a good Thanksgiving. This is a follow up to my last post "I hope I didn't "steal" Your Buyer. I was just doing my job".
Ok let me see if I can expand on BBAs just a little bit more. Clear your mind and really think about these things. The BA is not....
A BBA is NOT just to guarantee that we get paid. In fact this is probably it's least important purpose. A BBA is NOT designed to replace taking the time to build a lasting relationship with your buyer. A BBA … (34 comments)

educational: Is Your Presentation Keeping You From Being A Champion.. - 03/16/10 10:10 AM
Presentation is so important. The way we present information. The way we present ourselves. The way we present our responses to objections. Being a good presenter will make your business easier and will help to build your reputation as a fair person. And this of course will make people want to trust you. Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about. In my area it is common to see co-broke commissions in the MLS like this 3%-$295. How does that make you feel? It makes me feel slighted. I feel like they have given me something and then taken … (89 comments)

educational: Don't let "serious inspection issues" derail your deal. - 03/05/10 09:38 AM

Hi Folks. As we all know, nothing can derail a real estate transaction faster than a home inspection that uncovers "serious inspection issues".
Recently I had a home inspection done on one of my pending listings. It was an older property and I was a little bit nervous and hoping there wasn't going to be any major issues to deal with.
Anyway, shortly after the inspection was completed I get the e-mail from the selling agent to let me know we have "serious inspection issues." She also sent me a copy of the inspection report and the WDO (wood destroying … (119 comments)

educational: Selling the 45 day listing agreement. - 02/06/10 08:43 AM
Hi folks. In my business I spend a lot of time speaking to Sellers who have had their property on the market with no success. My favorite type of listing. Expired listings. Not mine but another agents.
The reason these listings are expired is because they were over priced. And they were over priced not because of an unrealistic seller but because their agent wasn't able to sell them on proper pricing and decided to take the listing anyway.
These Sellers usually have the same complaints:
1. We never had any showings.2. We never heard from our agent.3. We had to … (128 comments)

educational: Success in Real Estate requires "Growing a pair" - 10/12/09 08:49 AM
Are you working on getting business today? I am. In fact it's what I do every day. My job is generating business. For any one wanting to work in real estate, as a career, generating business is the number one skill you must learn. First and foremost it requires work. Not hard work but consistent and persistent work. This means making a plan and sticking to it. Not for a month or for six months but for EVER. But where do you begin? What activities should you work on? When in doubt I always go to Google. If I were new … (25 comments)

educational: Buyers don't you? - 09/26/09 08:01 AM

I read a post recently that was bashing Buyers. The author/agent had shown them houses for several days  only to have the Buyer end up purchasing a home through another agent. As alway there were many agents in the comment section calling the buyer names. I have never agreed with the "Buyers are Liars" mentality so want to share my thoughts on this.
First I want to say, if something is not going the way you want it to, look at yourself. Try to find out what it is that you are doing that is creating the issue. We can't … (118 comments)

educational: Being a valuable resource is the way to "sell" to internet leads. - 09/23/09 09:54 AM

Hi folks. Early last year I made the decision to change my real estate business over to a virtual business. By this I mean I wanted to create a buisness where most of the listing and selling was done over the Internet. I made this decision for two reasons:
Rapidly declining property values Huge increase in short sale listings. The first made it no longer cost effective to drive around for days showing properties and the latter made it easier to take listings without having to meet with Sellers.
Right now my business is about 90% virtual. Not sure if … (99 comments)

educational: Are you using a Seller's Net Sheet? - 09/10/09 11:00 AM
In the comments of my recent post "Real Estate Negotiating...It's Not Rocket Science" I was asked if I had written an article on using the Seller Net Sheet. I had. And here it is. I hope it helps.
How many of you guys are using Seller Net Sheets as part of your listing presentation? Did you know if used properly they can be the key to you getting the listing? Sounds to simple doesn't it? is. Let me expand on this.
First, if you are not giving your Seller a Net Sheet at time of listing you are missing the … (82 comments)

educational: Real Estate Negotiating. It's not rocket science. - 09/04/09 10:29 AM

Hi folks. Let's talk a little bit about negotiating. Negotiating is one of the things I enjoy most about my job. I would be perfectly happy to never do anything but sit at my desk and negotiate deals over the phone.
Negotiating is an acquired skill that anyone can learn. It's one of those things that the more you do it the better you get. I also think everyone has their own way of doing it so I'm just going to try to explain what works for me and then you can tweak it or add to your current way … (150 comments)

educational: Selling Real Estate Virtually............. - 08/08/09 11:41 AM
Hi folks. Earlier this week Fernando Herboso wrote a post titled “The Future of Real Estate….I experienced yesterday”. If you haven’t already please take a few minutes to read his post. I’ll wait…………. OK....are you done?Fernando's post is talking about having a real estate closing where the only time he met the Seller was at closing. The transaction was done mostly via email. I was surprised in the comments of Fernando’s post how many agents thought this was risky or that it wouldn’t work. This has had me thinking for days now.It’s made me realize how cutting edge my business model … (84 comments)

educational: How to get paid working with Buyers. - 07/28/09 11:09 AM
Watch Soooo good looking! in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at Hi folks. In this current market, understanding how we get paid and who pays us has never been more important. Everyday we have to deal with REOs offering low co-brokes and Short Sales where co-brokes can be changed at the last minute. But in spite of these things we want to be able to do a good job for our Buyers AND we want to get paid.
Now since this post will be about commissions, please let's not use specific percentages, we don't want to upset Sherman and his … (16 comments)

educational: Make the appointment! You can always cancel. - 07/18/09 12:03 PM
Hi folks. All the recent spam comments going around AR have given me the opportunity to revisit some of my older posts that I had completely forgotten about. This one included.
If you're not calling to hire me then quit wasting my time!!! Leslie Bloss wrote a post last year that stirred up quite the conversation. Here it is if you haven't read it yet.
In a nutshell, her post was about how to handle a home owner who phoned in asking for a price analysis and in the same breath mentioning she was NOT going to use a REALTOR®.
The … (28 comments)

educational: Short Sale Training Webinar....and a BIG announcement!! - 07/17/09 10:53 AM
Hi folks. OK so it's Friday again. Do you know what that means? It means.......time for me to sell product again!!! I'm sorry BUT I have to do it. TLW needs new shoes AND.....there are agents out there that really need help with their Short Sales.
I bet there are agents reading this post right now that want to do Short Sales but feel they are too much work. Or feel they won't get paid for their efforts. Well if that agent is you....don't fear. Wendy Rulnick and I have designed our Short Sale Basics Webinar series just for you.
Short … (42 comments)

educational: Advice for the Brand New Real Estate Agent. - 06/22/09 10:29 AM
Hi folks. On Saturday I participated in a Webinar hosted by Jennifer Alan. I thought it went very well. If you attended I hope you feel the same. Anyway, there was one more question that Jennifer wanted me to answer. Since I didn’t do it on the Webinar I’ll do it here. "What's the best advice you can give to a brand new agent...?" Hmmmmm……let me see……uhhhh……. Nope. I got nothin’ for ya. I’ve been stumped!!!
OK…..not really. I DO have something for ya. In fact, I have a bunch of somethings for ya.
Brokers are obligated by law to train and … (59 comments)

educational: Yes....I can be an arrogant SOB.... But not when I'm working. - 06/06/09 02:36 PM
Hi folks. I have on occasion been accused of being "cocky" or "arrogant" when it comes to my selling style. Of course the reality's just confidence. I have an over abundance of it.
When meeting with a potential buyer/seller my technique is to educate them. I'm not selling at all. I'm teaching  them and giving them the information they need to make an informed decision. By doing this I'm building trust.
If you are having a difficult time "selling" folks it's because you are asking for the business prior to building trust. Building trust is the main ingredient to … (64 comments)

educational: Information To Help You Improve Your Listing presentation - 05/30/09 09:28 AM
Hi folks. Recently I received an email from an agent asking me about Listing Presentations. I've written often on how I handle my presentations. Here are the basics.
First, I want to let you know that my listing presentation may be a little different than most. I've never had any training and I've never been on a listing presentation with anyone. I haven't read the book and I didn't listen to the tapes. My presentation was learned by 15 years of trial and error.
To me, the most important part of the listing presentation, is the phone interview, prior to me meeting … (123 comments)

educational: How do you make a website in less than 1 hour? - 03/12/09 10:58 AM
Use Check it out. I made this in about an hour. We are getting so many buyer leads asking the same questions that we decided to try and make a site where they can get their answers and view propeties at the same time.  
By the way, I'm not to concerned about SEO and Google juice on this one as this is a "push" website.
What do you think? Any suggestions?
Copyright © 2009 | All Rights Reserved  
Oops!! I a … (28 comments)

educational: Interviewing the Seller for Their Listing. - 02/17/09 09:36 AM
OK so today I went through some of my older posts to see if I could find something that may help you in your business. I came up with this one that I wrote back in October of 2006. Hopefully it will get you thinking about how you handle yiour listing agreements. Here goes:
Let's talk about Seller interviews. Yep, that's right Seller interviews. when I go on a listing appointment, I know in advance that the listing is mine. why? Because I'm great! Well, maybe in my own mind. But seriously, I have the mind set that if they are … (71 comments)

educational: I'm not here to tell you how much your property is worth......... - 02/14/09 10:57 AM
Hi folks. Last week I was invited by Jennifer Allen to participate on a teleconference on "How To Price Your Listings Right......With a Persuasive CMA". The teleconference was awesome and I believe we had close to 1,000 people listen in. Since then I have had numerous emails asking me questions about my CMA. 
Instead of typing the same email response over and over again I thought I'd just post that particular part of my presentation here. So here you go. I hope it helps.


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