market conditions: Living In The Land Of Denial. - 07/25/11 09:30 AM
I recently spoke to a potential Seller in Poinciana Florida.  She mentioned to me that she purchased her home in June of 2006 and now she was ready to move back up north. She wanted to know what she needed to do to get the equity out of her house. Well of course my first question was "Do you have a mortgage?" She said she did and that she owed them $212,000. Well Ok then. Her property is currently worth about $65,000!! She was a nice lady but no matter how hard I tried I  couldn't get her to understand that … (23 comments)

market conditions: Is it FINALLY a good time to buy Poinciana Florida Real Estate? - 02/18/11 12:19 AM
It depends. If you are looking for a long term home. YES.
My wife and I bought in May 2010. We purchased a foreclosure in SoliVita and got a pretty good deal. The value has probably already dropped. But we plan on living here for many years so it doesn't matter. For us and our situation is was a very good time to buy. BUY A HOME IN POINCIANA If you are looking to buy a rental property. YES.
Investors are buying houses like hotcakes. You can get a 3 bedroom 2 bath home less than 10 years old … (12 comments)

market conditions: Breaking News!!! Approximately 93% of Homeowners are just fine!! - 04/13/10 05:49 AM
That's right. By far, the overwhelming majority of Homeowners in this country are NOT losing their homes. They either own their properties free and clear or are making their payments on time.
It's hard for us to see this because we are in the business. If you are like me you live and breathe Real Estate. We talk to people all day long who are struggling and it's very easy for us to forget that most Homeowners are living in and enjoying their homes.I've mentioned many times over the last couple of years how more than 85% of the real … (106 comments)

market conditions: One person's paradise becomes another person's hell. - 02/12/10 07:36 AM
Hi Folks. I went out last week and did a photo shoot for a property I sold back in late 2005. It sold for $170,000. Now it's a pre-foreclosure Short Sale and will be going on the market for around $50,000.
When I first listed this property back in 2005 the owners were so proud of it. It was their little peice of paradise and it was in immaculate condition. It was purchased by an Investor in September of 2005 By early 2006 the market had crashed and this house has sat empty ever since.
The difference between what it looked … (52 comments)

market conditions: Real Estate Deals in Ginn Reunion Resort....Davenport Florida - 09/14/09 09:19 AM

Hi folks. Today I want to give you a little taste of the real estate market in Central Florida. If you are not in Florida, California or Nevada it may be hard to comprehend how bad things got. How drastically values declined.Let’s use Ginn Reunion Resort as an example. Reunion was designed to be a would class vacation resort. It features 54 holes of Championship golf designed by Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson and Jack Nicholas. Reunion Resort also has a 10 acre water park, 17 pools, horse stables, tennis, spas, shopping, ANNIKA Golf Accademy, condos, townhouses, single family homes and … (29 comments)

market conditions: Here's a dose of reality for you!!! - 06/11/09 08:39 AM
What a difference 3 years makes. Right now the average price in Poinciana Florida is $73,000. You can still do 100% financing but only with VA, USDA(rural housing) or FHA with a gift from a family member or employer.
3 years ago I wrote this: (I highlighted the statements that truly show how far we have fallen)
No money? No problem.  Negotiated a deal on one of my listings yesterday. The Buyer is purchasing using 100% financing with Seller paying closing costs. My market is affordable housing with the majority of homes priced from $190s to $250s and it seems like … (17 comments)

market conditions: Appraisers Adjusting for Declining Market Conditions. Is it true? - 04/16/09 11:14 AM

Hi folks. I wrote a post over two years ago titled “Let the Games Begin”. In this post I was pointing out that Poinciana was beginning to be a declining market and that Appraisers were making downward adjustments for this. It created quite the stir. For whatever reason there were many who commented that felt this was not happening and would never happen. Well… was and it is.I reviewed an appraisal today where the appraiser made a downward adjustment of $150 PER DAY on the recent sales.

Just to give you an idea of how this works. One … (165 comments)

market conditions: Hey!! Bubble this!! - 12/18/07 07:32 AM
Hi folks. How many of you have heard "REALTORS® are the reason prices skyrocketed so high during the boom"? I know I have. Especially from the "bubble heads". They feel that we were out there setting prices higher and higher because the Buyers would pay it. There is some truth to that but the price was dictated by the market, not REALTORS®.
I can remember, in 2005, going back and forth with Sellers on where to price their house. They would want to price $20,000 higher than the last sale and as hard as I tried, I couldn't talk them out of … (91 comments)

market conditions: Buyers in Poinciana Fl are shooting blanks! - 06/27/07 10:22 AM
Are Buyers, in your area, having a hard time pulling the trigger? Are they shooting blanks? They certainly are in Poinciana Fl. I guess they just have too many properties to choose from. There are currently about 1,750 homes on the market in Poinciana and only about 50 a month are selling. In fact, as of this morning, there are only 77 pending listings!!! That's pitiful.
Needless to say, getting an offer, on one of my listings, is a rare occasion. Yesterday, I was fortunate to get a real good one. A decent purchase offer with the Buyer putting $100,000 down. Better … (27 comments)

market conditions: My market ain't purdy!! - 04/24/07 06:47 AM
I'm curious, how are things going in your market area? I was doing a little research on my market, Poinciana Fl, this morning and discovered that sales are down 59% from same period last year (Jan 1-Apr 24). Last year, this period, there were 360 closings, this year 137. That's a pretty drastic change. There are also currently 1,734 active listings in my two zip codes. So, if you do the math, there is more than two years worth of inventory in Poinciana! Also, our 2 largest builders, Avatar (the developer) and Maronda Homes have just slashed their prices by approximately … (43 comments)

market conditions: Folks, we are giving houses away!!! - 03/29/07 08:16 AM
Hi folks. I received an offer on one of my listings today. I was pretty excited when I heard it was coming over but of course as soon as I saw it, my excitement faded. Now folks, I know things are slow and I know it's a Buyer's market. My Sellers know this too. In fact my strategy, during this more difficult market, is to price my listings below recent sales. I always want my listings to be in the top five, arranged by lowest price, for similar properties. This particular property is Range Priced from $179,000 to $199,000 with a … (45 comments)

market conditions: "Sounds" of a changing market. - 01/30/07 01:56 AM
Sometimes, market changes are best understood by the sights and sounds around us. On Saturday I posted my "sign post" that gave a true visual of how the market has changed. Today, I'm going to write about an occurrence that has happened to me, three times in the last two weeks. Three deals, three selling agents, three phone calls, one question. "I've changed companies can we change the name of the selling brokerage on the purchase contract to my new company?"
Now folks, in Florida all business is conducted through the Broker. Brokers own the listings and Brokers own the deals. Agents … (51 comments)

market conditions: Sign, sign everywhere a sign................. - 01/27/07 01:13 PM
While cruising around Poinciana Fl., on Saturday, I started thinking about market conditions and how things have changed so drastically from the boom period of 2005. Then I had a flash. What better way to illustrate this than to snap a few photos. Sign, sign everywhere a sign..............
First you have CONFUSION!
Then we have a little REDUNDANCY!
And of course DESPERATION!
Followed by FRUSTRATION!
Finally, they get smart, call me, and we have SUCCESS!
Sign, sign everywhere a sign....blocking out the scenery breaking my mind. Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign................!
(Lyrics … (59 comments)

market conditions: Dashboard, rankings, points and market ramblings. Any comments? - 01/05/07 06:45 AM
Hi folks. Today, I have given myself a challenge. I'm going to see if I can put together an interesting post about Poinciana Fl. You see, this is where I'm coming from. For the last couple of months I had been comfortably perched as the "Top Blogger" on the dashboard, for whatever that's worth. The system was pretty straight forward, write controversial and conversational posts, for rankings and comments, down rank a few fellow Rainers and send out E-mails spamming for comments. OK, maybe I didn't use ALL of those strategies. Pretty simple stuff though. Now, the Rain gods have stirred … (43 comments)

market conditions: Let the games begin! - 10/16/06 10:56 AM
Let the games begin! Ok, so I just received a call today. I’ve kind of been expecting it but was hoping it wouldn’t come for a while. The call I received was from an Appraiser. Now, since I sell a lot of properties in my market, I get one of these about every week, asking me about a recent sale, so they can use it in their appraisal. I always try to answer any of their questions and try to be as helpful as I can. Why? Because I want to be the “go to guy” in my market. Also, Appraisers buy … (85 comments)

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