marketing: Want to pick up a few extra customer/clients this year? - 01/04/10 06:41 AM
Try this....after you have a closing on one of your listings give it about 2 days before you go by and pick up your sign and lock box. You may think my timing on this is a little odd but's just right.
Since I am primarily a listing Broker, my customer, the Seller, is normally moving out of Sate and getting any future business from them is rare. So my goal is to be the "go to guy" for the Buyer that has just purchased one of my listings.
Picking up my sign and lock box, a couple of days … (72 comments)

marketing: Don't wait for your Blog to "Pull" people in..."Push" it at them! - 04/28/09 10:04 AM
Hi Folks. I know I've written about this topic on several occasions but I feel it's worth repeating. Don't wait for people to find your blog, PUSH it at them. The way I look at it is, I spend a lot of time and effort putting together blog articles. Just about every thing anyone could ever want to know about Real Estate in Poinciana Fl, what I do and how I do it, I have already written about. Why not use it?   
Here's an Email I recently sent out:
Hi Mr New Seller,  
I have attached the listing agreement for your review … (97 comments)

marketing: "It's a great time to buy Real Estate!" The consumer responds. Are you listening? - 01/29/08 05:45 PM
Hi folks. I wrote a post last week titled "Now is a GREAT time to buy Real Estate! Or is it?" In that post I was pointing out how our local board(and now FAR) are asking us to advertise "Now is a great time to buy Real Estate." My thoughts were and are that this is actually being less than honest and I do not agree with this type of advertising. Pop over and read the post if you haven't already.
Anyway, I've had quite a few consumers who have read and left their opinions on that post. Here are … (75 comments)

marketing: Now is a great time to buy Real Estate! Or is it? - 01/19/08 06:45 AM
Hi folks. Yesterday I received an email from my local REALTOR® Association (OSCAR). In it was a plea request, from our new Association President, asking all REALTORS® to place a one liner in all our ads stating "Now is a great time to buy real estate!" Our Association has also started an ad campaign with this same theme. Here is a sample ad.
I guess the reasoning behind this is that if we all aggressively market "Now is a great time to buy real estate!" we can overcome the negative media and change the real estate market in Osceola County. According … (70 comments)

marketing: Be a resource instead of a salesperson. - 12/02/07 03:17 AM
Hi folks. Today I want to write a little bit about Internet leads and how to handle them. This post was inspired by Monika McGillicuddy's recent post "Don't hit the delete key.....pretty please". First, I need to disclose that the bulk of my business is NOT Internet based. Since I rarely work with Buyers the Internet is not as powerful a tool for me as it would be if Buyers were my target. Some Sellers do find me through the Internet but most are referrals or folks responding to my expired letter.
Having said that, I have sold many properties sight … (47 comments)

marketing: If you really are "The Expert".....then show them. Push the juice. - 11/04/07 08:00 AM
Hi folks. This post was inspired by Brian Block's recent post "Preemptive Blogging.....Impress your Sellers with your SEO". If you haven't read it then take a minute to do so as it is very well written and spot on. Anyway, I left a comment on his post about how I bomb my potential Sellers with information, via Email, prior to our first meeting. Ann Cummings sent me an Email asking me to expand on this, so I decided to just write a quick post to share what I do.
As Brian had mentioned in his post "It's time to show your prospective … (57 comments)

marketing: You're so vain........or not! - 09/05/07 09:23 AM
OK, this post was inspired by Chris Tesch's post "A Note To My Competition". If you haven't read it take a minute to do so. Her post and the comments got me to thinking. I hate it when that happens!! I'm getting old and too much thinking hurts my head. BUT.....for you guys.....I will suffer.
I'm going to write a little bit about marketing/advertising and how it relates to our specific markets. As most of you know, I have written quite a few posts about the things I do to generate business and the ads that I run. I currently run three … (65 comments)

marketing: Broker Bryant...serving up your success on a platter! - 08/09/07 05:38 AM
OK folks, as promised here's my follow up to my post last week, "Are you "hulking" up your business plan?". A couple of members had mentioned that the things I mentioned were all well and good but what if you don't have the money to increase advertising and so forth? Well, that's a good question. This post will answer it.
First, it's important to remember that Real Estate is a business NOT a job. When you are a business owner your job is to find a way to make things happen. Chasing money is what we do. If you don't have any … (46 comments)

marketing: Are you "hulking" up your business plan? - 08/02/07 11:54 PM

Hi folks. As most of you know, my market Poinciana Fl is in the middle of a major decline in property values and REALTORS® working this market are really struggling to make ends meet. It's brutal and getting worse. But what can you do? I've been selling real estate in Poinciana for 13 years and have no intention of changing my market area. Homeowners in Poinciana are going through a difficult time and they need me. It's my market and I will ride it out and help as many people as I can until it changes around. Might take a couple … (93 comments)

marketing: Are you buying lottery tickets? - 02/18/07 05:19 AM
OK, so this post today, is geared towards hopefully helping someone in their business and also to give the consumer an idea of how I handle my marketing. I've read quite a few posts on ActiveRain and other forums that I participate in wanting to know what marketing works and whether or not we should try this of that. First let me say, the most important think about marketing, by far, is consistency. Whatever plan you implement, in your business, you must commit to it for a minimum of one year. If you are not able to make this commitment then … (56 comments)

marketing: Real Estate is about people, not money! - 08/24/06 08:49 AM
Yesterday, I did a Blog post that contained a comment about another Realtor, giving the code to my lock box to a buyer so the buyer could do his own final walkthrough. I received quite a few comments about reporting the Realtor to his Broker or filing an Ethics complaint. Let me explain, why I didn't take those steps, even though, I agree, what the Realtor did was wrong.
First, I list homes "For Sale". That's what I do. I rarely work with buyers. Therefore, my business depends on other Realtors showing and selling my listings. With that in mind, my business … (18 comments)

marketing: Lickin' and stickin' our way to success! - 07/28/06 03:26 AM
Nine years ago when my wife and I opened Tutas Towne Realty we (as in she) would spend hours a day putting together mailers, stuffing envelopes and lickin' and stickin' stamps. We mailed to every one we could think of. Expired listings, withdrawn listings, builders, Realtors, family, friends and our farm area. This took place daily with no exceptions. I always felt if I missed one expired listing that would be the one that I would have listed. I used to get stressed out if I didn't get those mailers out. I was obsessed with the MLS hot sheet. I had … (10 comments)

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