opinion: Rapid Changes In Real Estate Are Cause For Alarm - 05/08/13 10:34 PM

Hi folks. There are some major changes taking place in the Real Estate market right now. This article will touch down on the few that I feel are serious issues that will have a negative affect on consumers and agents alike.
FANNIE AND FREDDIE artificially inflating property values.
Banks getting out of the servicing business. Think less regulation. Less regulations means the consumer has best beware.
The major banks, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo and Suntrust are rapidly selling their servicing rights to the 3 major servicers. The 3 major players are now Ocwen, Nationstar Mortgage and Green … (11 comments)

opinion: See Sally Fall On The Way To Paradise Lost!! - 03/05/13 08:45 PM

Hi guys. I first posted this back in March 2007. It truly illustrates the issues we had back during the "boom" that led to the crash.
Here's the original article with comments.
In the summer of ‘04, John and Sally fell in love. Both were in their late 20's and had recently gone through difficult divorces. Life being unpredictable, as it is, put them in each other's paths about one year prior. Since they were both going through difficult times, they hit it off immediately and moved in together. They lived up north in the big city and had … (4 comments)

opinion: How Real Estate Commissions Affect Property Values - 01/09/13 09:45 PM

Let's have a little chat about commissions and how they affect the value of the property.

Discussions about "discount" commissions and "standard" commissions has got me thinking about a theory I have. Let's call it Broker Bryant's theory of relativity. I'm of the school that says, commissions are a part of the deal, whether they are being paid by the Buyer or the Seller or whether or not they are "standard" or "discounted". First, let me say that commissions are 100% negotiable and there is no such thing as a standard commission or a doscounted commission. Both are … (11 comments)

opinion: Is Too Much Social Media Costing You Business? - 07/30/12 11:05 PM

Hi folks. Dick Greenberg recently wrote an article about his Social Media strategy and how he needs to spend more time interacting with folks on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

His article got me to thinkin’. I don’t do much of that so thought I’d put my “thinkin’” in an article so I don’t forget what I thought. Hey I’m 55. Forgetting things is what we do.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the topic.

I think the interacting part can work both ways. I am not good at interacting online. I am however very good at … (78 comments)

opinion: Don't Get Caught With Your Arse Showing! - 07/21/12 03:08 PM
Do you have an Independent Contractor Agreement or are you just trusting your Broker to treat you fairly?  It never ceases to amaze me how many agents do not have an Independent Contractor Agreement. In fact I have heard from agents that didn't even know there was such a thing. How can that be? How could you go to work for someone and not have a contract? To me, this is the single most important document that you should have. Without it, it’s my opinion, you are unemployed.
In Florida this is not something that you learn at Real Estate … (8 comments)

opinion: We Thought You Only Handled Short Sales! - 07/04/12 10:43 PM
I had one of my past customers tell me that last week after they had listed with another Broker. And I can't blame them for thinking that. As I look through my online marketing it's all geared towards Short Sales.
Hmmm.....I wonder if I am heading towards another brief period of failure when the market shifts again?
I truly feel Short Sales will be prevalent in my area for several more years but I am already starting to see more and more equity Sellers.

Shouldn't I start to get in front of them now? My guess is … (43 comments)

opinion: Sorry, That Rock Doesn't Convey! - 06/01/12 11:33 PM
This morning, while sitting in my office doing my daily MLS Hot Sheet study, I noticed a new listing. In the first line of the remarks section it read "Front screen door does not convey". Now what the heck is that all about? You mean I can buy your house but you won't leave the screen door? Well OK then, I think I'll go look at one of the other 20 similar homes instead. Can you picture a Buyer or their REALTOR® reacting like that? I can.
As a Listing Broker, I firmly believe placing "take away" remarks, in a … (72 comments)

opinion: The Fear Of The Short Sale - 05/24/12 10:20 PM
As you may know, I list and sell a fair amount of Short Sales in Florida. One of the many issues I face is Sellers who are all gung ho about doing a Short Sale and then they disappear. At any given time I could have a dozen listing packages out there that I am waiting on to be completed and returned. The Sellers and I have spent time on the phone discussing their situation and the way forward. All that’s left is for them to complete the paperwork and get it back to me.
Then...nothing. Nada. Zilch. No response and … (9 comments)

opinion: How To Have More Closings And Make More Money In Real Estate - 05/08/12 09:58 PM

Hi folks. I recently read an article from an agent talking about his difficulties with getting transactions closed. He mentioned he was losing 1 and 4 transactions before they made it to the closing table.
A 25% closing percentage is enough to put any of us in the poor house!!! BUT....if we know our closing percentage is 25% we can find a solution.
The solution is to have more pendings!! It impossible to control all aspects of a real estate transaction but we can control the amount of deals we are closing. If you know only 1 in 4 … (30 comments)

opinion: Always Remember We Are Agents NOT Attorneys - 04/18/12 10:22 PM
Hi folks. One of my passions is helping other agents with their short sales. Everyday I spend time answering questions on Short Sale Superstars and other forums I participate on.

One of the questions I frequently see is from agents wanting lender contacts so they can have a foreclosure stopped or postponed. My standard response is that the borrower needs to speak with an Attorney and they need to do it ASAP.

It is not our job, as agents, to get involved with stopping foreclosures. Last I checked our licenses are for selling real estate not practicing law. Foreclosure … (56 comments)

opinion: It's Redudant! It's Redundant! - 04/10/12 09:07 PM

Hi Folks, TLW and I have never worked in a regular Real Estate office before. We worked in a property management office for a few years but were the only REALTORS® there. We learned our craft through trial and error and attending meetings at our local board of REALTORS®. By learning this way we have always done things our own way and really don't have a clue how the larger offices conduct their business.
So with that in mind, I have a question for you. I recently received an offer for one of my listings and as usual it … (13 comments)

opinion: Broker Bryant’s Year End Ramblings On Short Sales - 12/29/11 01:39 AM

Hi folks. Here we are at the end of 2011. I spent some time this morning reflecting on short sales and these are some of my thoughts, observations and predictions.
In 2012 Banks are going to have even more control over our real estate businesses when it comes to Short Sales.
“Pre-approved Short Sale” really means the Bank will now dictate how you market, how you are paid and who you can sell to.
Examples are: Last week I received an email from BofA, for a Co-op … (3 comments)

opinion: Open Your Mind And Expand Your Market Area. - 12/16/11 09:10 AM
Kristi DeFazio wrote a featured article questioning whether an agent taking a listing 70 miles away is doing a disservice to the Seller. Most of the commenters agree they are. I don’t.
My opinion is that it has nothing to do with the distance and everything to do with the agent. I'm closing on a property today that I listed that is about 150 miles from where I work. I've never seen the property, never met the seller or the buyer. And I'm the only agent. All parties are extremely happy.
In fact, I currently have 13 listings where I have … (20 comments)

opinion: Don't Dwell On The Loss. Consider The Gain Instead! - 09/02/11 01:39 AM

Hi folks. Today I am NOT going to write about Short Sales!
Instead I'm going to write about the homeowners that own their property free and clear. Did you know that roughly a third of the homeowners in the country have no mortgage? That's about 24 million homes.
Just about 5 years worth of sales if they all decided to sell their homes. But most won't. Some because they feel they can't afford to sell. I mean let's face it, if someone paid $300,000 cash for their home in 2005 it would be very difficult for them to get their … (68 comments)

opinion: No More Market Reports For Me! - 08/16/11 01:25 AM

Hi folks. There once was a time a few years ago where I posted quite a few market reports. I constantly studied my market to see if prices were still going down and by how much. But you know what? I no longer care.
Does it really matter anymore? Property values in my market have dropped almost 80% from 2006 to today. Does it really matter if they have gone up 5% or down another 10%?
The truth of the matter is that in my area, Central Florida, chances are that if you have not been foreclosed on yet you … (16 comments)

opinion: Why Is The Seller Ignoring My Buyer's Offer? - 07/22/11 03:36 AM
Hi folks. I bet you've asked this question before. "Why is the Seller ignoring my Buyer's offer?" You just spent a week showing properties to your Buyer. You wrote what you thought was a good offer, submitted it and then........nothing!
So you do what any good agent would do.....you run to Active Rain and write a rant about the SOB Listing agent!
While this is happening the listing Broker is speaking to his customer/client, the Seller. They are discussing the FIVE offers that were received and deciding what to do with them. Should they disclose multiple offers and ask for "Highest … (19 comments)

opinion: Is Your Smart Phone Making You Look Stupid? - 07/19/11 01:12 AM

I LOVE my iPhone. My entire business can be run from it. If I can't do a task completely from my iPhone I use LogMeIn to access my computer and go from there. So I truly can work from anywhere I want.
My experience is that most agents now use their smart phones for sending out emails. Do you?
Then why oh why do you not have your email signature set up on your smartphone? There is nothing more aggravating to me than receiving an email that does not have the sender's contact info in the signature. I don't care … (20 comments)

opinion: We Know We Signed A Contract But Aunt Betty Says....... - 06/24/11 01:29 AM

We've all heard this before. The contract is negotiated, signed, the inspections are completed and things are moving forward just fine. The closing and our paycheck are right around the corner. Then out of the blue your customer/client calls you and says "We were talkng to Aunt Betty last night and she thinks the Sellers should replace the rotten fencing. We want to ask the seller to do this before we close. OK?" YIKES!!! What now?
Well we could just get all emotional and say "Are you nuts! The deal is already negotiated. The inspection contingency is over. If you … (31 comments)

opinion: Florida Short Sale Sellers Beware Of Wolves In Sheep's Clothing. - 06/17/11 12:10 AM
Hi Folks. My son Nathan wrote an article that spawned this one. Go check it out:
Banks Giving Short Sale Leads? This is the flip side. A couple of months ago Keller Williams had a Short Sale Mastery class in Orlando that I attended. The class was sponsored by Citi Mortgage. After our lunch break Citi Mortgage made a presentation stating that the agents who completed the class could register on the Citi Mortgage site. Citi would then put their names in the letter Citi sends out to distressed borrowers owners recommending the agents as the go to short sale specialists … (14 comments)

opinion: Did You Know Asset Companies Are Hiring Agents for Short Sales? - 05/22/11 02:53 AM

Go figure. They don't own the property but still they are hiring listing Brokers. I know this because I was hired last week to list a Kissimmee Florida Short Sale. Now technically the owner is the one hiring me but the reality is the entire transaction is being managed by the asset company.
From what I have been able to gather it seems these asset companies are approaching the lenders and are cutting deals to handle distressed properties before they are even foreclosed on. They agree a NET figure with the lender then contact the delinquent borrower and offer to … (18 comments)

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