poinciana florida: Buying Cheap Houses In Kissimmee Florida Can be A Challenge! - 08/06/11 12:58 AM
Folks, If you are looking for a real deal on a house in Kissimmee/Poinciana Florida be prepared to do some cleanup and repairs. Foreclosure and short sale houses under $40,000 are priced that low for a reason. They need work. Sometimes lots of it. But still if you are handy or willing to throw some money at itr you can find a pretty good deal.
These small 3 bedroom houses will rent for $750-$850 per month once fixed up. So even if you have $50,000 in it you'll still be receiving 12% or so on your money.
By the way you … (7 comments)

poinciana florida: You Want A Cheap House? We Got Cheap!! - 07/27/11 05:43 AM

Welcome to.....The Price is Right! Come on down Florida Home Buyers....we have homes to sell in Poinciana Florida. Not only do we have homes but we have cheap homes. That's right folks CHEAP.
Folks, these are some really nice homes that we are selling in the low $60s. Most are only a few years old and average about 1550 sq ft living area with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.
You can't find a house like that any where else in Central Florida, for these prices. Not only are our prices low but if you want to buy one of these … (11 comments)

poinciana florida: Living In The Land Of Denial. - 07/25/11 09:30 AM
I recently spoke to a potential Seller in Poinciana Florida.  She mentioned to me that she purchased her home in June of 2006 and now she was ready to move back up north. She wanted to know what she needed to do to get the equity out of her house. Well of course my first question was "Do you have a mortgage?" She said she did and that she owed them $212,000. Well Ok then. Her property is currently worth about $65,000!! She was a nice lady but no matter how hard I tried I  couldn't get her to understand that … (23 comments)

poinciana florida: Is it FINALLY a good time to buy Poinciana Florida Real Estate? - 02/18/11 12:19 AM
It depends. If you are looking for a long term home. YES.
My wife and I bought in May 2010. We purchased a foreclosure in SoliVita and got a pretty good deal. The value has probably already dropped. But we plan on living here for many years so it doesn't matter. For us and our situation is was a very good time to buy. BUY A HOME IN POINCIANA If you are looking to buy a rental property. YES.
Investors are buying houses like hotcakes. You can get a 3 bedroom 2 bath home less than 10 years old … (12 comments)

poinciana florida: Foreclosures in Poinciana Florida Illustrated - 12/11/10 11:24 PM
Hi folks. Here's a map showing the current foreclosures in Poinciana Florida as of December 12, 2010. The red dots are properties being foreclosed on. They do not include properties that have already been foreclosed on. Need I say more?

Since January 2007 there have been 4646 residential sales in Poinciana according to the MLS. Of these 2540 were REOs. That's a liitle over 55%.
There are roughly 21,000 homes in this area. So 12% of the homes in Poinciana have been sold as foreclosures through the MLS in the last 3 years. This of course doesn't count anything … (20 comments)

poinciana florida: Short Sales and Foreclosures Rule in Kissimmee Poinciana Florida for 2009 - 03/02/10 10:41 AM

Real Estate Market Report for Kissimmee Poinciana Florida for 2009 Comments from Bryant TutasBroker/OwnerTutas Towne Realty, Inc
OK so that chart was fun. I wanted to give a picture of the market in Kissimmee-Poinciana Florida from 2007 to the end of 2009. Check out the depreciation. Property values are down 67% during this 36 month period.
But the good news is values only fell 7% for 2009 and it looks like property values have not only started to level off but may be slowly increasing.  Here’s another little goody for you. In 2007 there were only 420 sales. 2008 this … (22 comments)

poinciana florida: One person's paradise becomes another person's hell. - 02/12/10 07:36 AM
Hi Folks. I went out last week and did a photo shoot for a property I sold back in late 2005. It sold for $170,000. Now it's a pre-foreclosure Short Sale and will be going on the market for around $50,000.
When I first listed this property back in 2005 the owners were so proud of it. It was their little peice of paradise and it was in immaculate condition. It was purchased by an Investor in September of 2005 By early 2006 the market had crashed and this house has sat empty ever since.
The difference between what it looked … (52 comments)

poinciana florida: So....you want to buy a property in Poinciana Florida for less than $60,000.... - 01/20/10 06:06 AM
....and you want it to be less than 7 years old with over 1500 sq ft of living area. Maybe this will help:
Based on current market statistics, properties similar to the ones you are requesting are selling for $35 to $37 per sq ft living and 110% of the asking price. In order to stay under $60,000 you need to focus on properties with 1700 sq ft or less. 185 Conch and 1966 Michigan both fit.The stats that are below show that since 10/1/2009 there have been  29 sales. There are 21 pendings and only 9 actives in this … (9 comments)

poinciana florida: Florida Foreclosures. Be prepared to pay higher than asking price - 11/15/09 05:27 AM

How many times have you heard "I want to buy a foreclosure so I can get a deal" and "I was told I could buy foreclosures for 20% less than asking price"?
I hear these things every day. It's frustrating when you try to explain the "market" to potential buyers and they don't listen to you. I'm sure they figure that all we are really doing is trying to sell them. Well they are right. We do want to sell them a house. BUT...we also want to make sure they get  the house they want and are able to … (11 comments)

poinciana florida: Foreclosure Tour Kissimmee Florida - 11/12/09 08:04 AM
Hi folks, Depending on who you listen to the foreclosure rate in Polk County Poinciana Florida is any where from 15% to 20%. I have no problem believing this since roughly 85% of the sales in this area are either foreclosures or distressed sales.
According to RealtyTrac there are 1,401 properties that are in foreclosure (Lis Pendens filed) on the Polk County side of Poinciana. There are 10,685 homes in this area. So let's call the foreclosure rate a minumum of 14%
Here's a little video I made yesterday that will … (14 comments)

poinciana florida: Selling Kissimmee Real Estate is like going to the Dentist. Only more painful!!! - 10/29/09 08:58 AM

It seems like all Buyers want the same thing. Four bedrooms, 2 baths, at least 1700 sq ft living area, no more than 5 years old and less than $100,000. The problem is there are only 22 of them on the market today. 17 of those are Short sales!!! The other 5 are REOs (foreclsoures).
So here's the deal. If I tell you you will not get the property for less than asking price....I'm NOT lying. Properties that are priced right are selling for an average 105% of the asking price. That's just an average. Some are selling for way … (21 comments)

poinciana florida: Owner Financing Possible on this Kissimmee Florida Investment Property - 10/27/09 11:03 AM
This is NOT a Short sale or a foreclosure. Just a good property priced to sell. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with 1480 sq ft of living space in this never lived in home. Built in 2007.
Owner will consider financing with 40% down or buy out right. The price is low enough at only $75,000. Would make a great primary residence or rental property. Would easily rent for $750 to $800 per month.
Either way it's ready for occupancy. The AC and heating system was installed this week. Check it out....

Bryant TutasBroker/OwnerTutas Towne Realty, IncLicensed … (13 comments)

poinciana florida: Selling Florida Foreclosures Virtually. - 10/24/09 07:07 AM

Tutas Towne Realty specializes in the listing and selling of Short Sales and foreclosures (REOs) in the Central Florida area.Since most of these properties are sold over the Internet sight unseen we try to capture the essence of the properties by use of numerous pictures and video tours. Touring foreclosures in Central Florida is always an adventure. You just never know what you will find. Folks facing foreclosure have a tendency of taking out their frustrations on the property. I’ll never understand why.Anyway…..here’s a little tour I did today on a Poinciana Foreclosure. Enjoy.   Need help buying or selling … (28 comments)

poinciana florida: Florida Short Sales For Sale - 03/14/09 11:48 AM
Folks look at what $90,000 will buy you in Kissimmee/Poinciana Florida. These were placed on the market this week and will not be around for long. Check 'em out.
Beautiful home in excellent condition. Formal living room and formal dining room. Eat in kitchen opens to the family room. Inside utilities. Over 2000 sq ft living area with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Did I mention it was built in 2005? Great price!! Please only qualified buyers need apply.

3 bedrooms and 2 bath and........a POOL!! That's right folks an in ground swimming pool. Almost 1/2 acre lot. With a … (21 comments)

poinciana florida: 2008 Market Report for Poinciana Florida. - 01/29/09 08:12 AM

OK folks, here's my year end market report for 2008. You read the papers and you watch the news. You hear all of the predictions and how bad things are. It's very depressing!!! BUT....Real Estate is very very local. This report is very specific to Poinciana Florida. It has nothing to do with real estate in other areas. Some areas are better and some areas are....well....let's just say some areas are better. If there are any that are worse please let me know. OK here goes...........

 Commentary from … (29 comments)

poinciana florida: You Just Bought And Now May Have To Sell. What Do You Do? - 01/04/09 04:43 AM
Hi folks, These are desperate times we are in. Some folks can do everything right and still find themselves in a bind. All we can do is give honest advice and let them make the decisions they need to make.
I am scared about refinancing now that the market is even worse.  I wonder if I should hold on to the money I was putting down on the house?Things have changed and my parents are now talking about moving out of Florida.If I listed this house for $129,000 fully furnished with all the new appliances, new furniture and shed … (22 comments)

poinciana florida: Poinciana Florida Short Sale For Sale - 11/16/08 12:14 AM
Tutas Towne Realty specializes in pre-foreclosure remedies and Short Sales. If you are a property owner who is struggling with your mortgage payment or a Buyer looking for a good deal let us know. We CAN help. All conversations are of course confidential. Do NOT get foreclosed on. Please let me help.
102 Big Sioux Dr Kissimmee Florida 34759

You won't find a better house than this for the money. Tile flooring in kitchen, dinette, entry and all 3 bathrooms. Formal living and dining rooms. Two family rooms, one upstairs and one down stairs. Bonus room downstairs … (9 comments)

poinciana florida: Poinciana Florida Real Estate.....Back to 2001 Prices!!! - 11/11/08 06:47 AM

Hi folks, buckle up, it's time for a new market report. I do have some good news this month. The number of properties that have sold has increased quite drastically over the last 3 months. To be exact, sales have increased 35%!!
Inventory has also remained steady with there currently being 1,172 single family homes on the market. This number has been roughly the same for about a year now. However, prices have continued to decline with values dropping 15% since the end of July.  
You can also see from the table below that Bank owned (REO) and short sale properties … (11 comments)

poinciana florida: Kissimmee Florida Short Sale saga continues........... - 11/06/08 08:53 AM
Hi folks. Today, I spoke with Countrywide (CW) about one of my short sale listings. This particular home was placed on the market back in July of this year. I priced it properly and within a few weeks submitted a cash contract to CW for $87,000. Since the 3 most recent sales were for $85,000, $87,000 and $90,000 I figured CW would jump all over this deal and remove their 3rd party approval so we could move toward closing..... WRONG!!! 
After many attempts I could not even get this transaction in front of a negotiator. I tried and tried and tried … (34 comments)

poinciana florida: Poinciana Florida Real Estate is Flying Off the Shelves!!!! - 10/26/08 10:16 AM

So the big news in real estate this week is.... "The National Association of Realtors reported that sales of existing homes rose by 5.5 percent from August to September to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.18 million units - far better than the flat results analysts had expected. On an unadjusted basis, sales were up 7.8 percent from September last year. But even with the gain in sales, prices kept falling. The median sales price has dropped to $191,600, down by 9 percent from a year ago." (From Newsweek) 
Let's see how this applies to real estate in my … (22 comments)

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