short sale: Broker Bryant's Pointless Ramblings - 10/09/07 09:29 AM
Well here we are, Tuesday afternoon, my day to post and I got nothin'. Yep, that's right, a big ole' goose egg of ideas in my head. How can that be for Pete's sake? I work in real estate. Usually all I have to do is answer the phone once or twice and BAM! Blog fodder out the ying yang. Hey, what does ying yang mean anyway? Whatever it means getting something "out" of it sounds painful! Ouch!!!
OK.....let's see....what did I do today? Oh I know...I removed another listing from the market. That makes 8 listings in 30 days that I have … (48 comments)

short sale: I wonder............. - 09/17/07 08:48 AM
OK, have you heard this one before?
"Good morning....Tutas Towne Realty. This is Broker Bryant how can I help you today?"
"Yes....hi Broker Bryant we are interested in selling our house."
"Excellent! You have called the right man. I too am interested in selling your house. Tell me a little bit about your house and why you want to sell."
"Well...we bought our house in May of last year. It's was a brand new 4 bedroom Maronda home and we paid $275,000. We want to move because there's too much traffic in Poinciana and we don't like it here."
" know this is very bad time … (39 comments)

short sale: Broker Bryant needs a hug!!! - 06/14/07 12:26 PM
Yesterday, after seven months on the market, one of my listings finally sold. The sad part is it sold on the steps of the county court house as a foreclosure. I hate it when that happens. I feel like I failed in my attempts to help this Seller out.
His property was a flip that flopped. It was purchased in early 2006, at $225,000, with a $5,000 down payment. This particular builder sold about 30 of these homes to folks down in south Florida. I had written about here (A dollar short and many days late) and here (help stamp out … (83 comments)

short sale: Squat for Savvy Sam! - 04/17/07 09:17 AM
Earlier today I got a call from Savvy Sam. Savvy Sam lives down in south Florida but owns a property in Poinciana that he purchased back in July of 2005 and has been trying to sell ever since. He bought this new construction home, sight unseen, with the good intention of selling it for a profit after it was completed. Why not? Everyone else was and heck he only needed to put down $11,000(5% of $220,000). Even though he had never heard of or seen Poinciana, the builder and affiliated Real Estate company assured him that $220,000 was a good deal … (35 comments)

short sale: A dollar short and many days late! - 01/10/07 08:30 AM
Last week, I was fortunate enough to get multiple offers, on one of my "short sale" listings. I received three offers on the same day. That's always a real good thing. I discussed the negotiating options with the Seller and we decided to ask for "highest and best" and gave the Buyers 78 hours to resubmit their offers. Well, the strategy worked pretty well, and one of the offers was increased by $11,000, which was just high enough for the Seller to be able to accept it. Being that the property is going to require a "short sale" it was important … (26 comments)

short sale: Three blind mice, three blind mice.........blah, blah, blah. - 12/28/06 05:45 AM
Lately, as anyone knows who has been reading my Blog, I have been dealing a lot with short sales and pre-foreclosure listings. Since I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice, I always recommend to these Sellers, that they seek competent legal counsel. Most do. In addition to this, I give them my opinion, about what a short sale may do to their credit and the possibility of the amount of the "short" being treated as income, for tax purposes, and/or being attached to then as a personal liability. I do this, so they will understand, that being foreclosed … (61 comments)

short sale: Your home is your castle, not an ATM machine! - 12/15/06 09:13 AM
Tomorrow, I'm placing a home on the market, that is going to require a short sale. Seems like I'm getting an awful lot of these lately. This is one where I just don't understand what some folks are thinking. Nice young family, who were first time homebuyers just about 2 years ago. They bought a great little house, new construction, and they only paid $135,000 for it in November of 2004. This was right before our big increase in prices that happened in Poinciana in early 2005. So when I made my appointment with them, earlier this week, I assumed they would … (100 comments)

short sale: Let the games begin! - 10/16/06 10:56 AM
Let the games begin! Ok, so I just received a call today. I’ve kind of been expecting it but was hoping it wouldn’t come for a while. The call I received was from an Appraiser. Now, since I sell a lot of properties in my market, I get one of these about every week, asking me about a recent sale, so they can use it in their appraisal. I always try to answer any of their questions and try to be as helpful as I can. Why? Because I want to be the “go to guy” in my market. Also, Appraisers buy … (85 comments)

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