training: WEBINAR: Sneak Peek into Insider Marketing Secrets - 04/04/14 07:15 PM
The Results Are In! Sneak Peek to Insider Marketing Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents! Here’s How They’re Doing It!
Ok, the results of our Real Estate Marketing research is in!!! As you may already know, a successful Real Estate business can, and should, incorporate a marketing plan to generate Seller Leads. And those real estate agents that do have a marketing plan, all have common marketing activities on which they capitalize. The main thing they have in common is, a VERY SPECIFIC and CONSISTENT marketing campaign working day-after-day, month-after-month, and year-after-year. And we’re going to show you how they … (1 comments)

training: Being Helpful To Other Agents Will Increase Your Business. - 01/02/14 10:51 PM

We all get them. The calls and emails from other agents that are asking for things that they really should be able to find on their own. A perfect example is an agent wanting HOA docs before they even show the property.
I get these types of requests quite often. And they can be anoying when we are busy.
BUT.......I have no issue at all sending them a link to the public records so they can pull up the docs.
We spend a lot of time bloging and and working social media to increase our internet presence and build relationships. … (61 comments)

training: 10 Easy Steps To Better Listing Appointments. - 08/03/13 08:22 PM

Hi folks. Here are some tips that may help you with your listing presentations.
1. Pre-qualify the Sellers on the phone prior to meeting with them. This includes finding out their reason for selling, mortgage balance, how long they have lived in the house and details about the home. Do not under any circumstances discuss pricing or commission on the phone. If this comes up the answer is "I have to see your house in order to give you an accurate opinion of value" and "Commissions vary greatly from company to company. We can discuss this once we get together. … (6 comments)

training: Don't Walk Away From Unrealistic Sellers. They May Be Future Clients. - 05/21/13 09:48 PM

Hi folks. Walking away from a listing does not have to be the end opf the story. If you are a listing Broker and you are being truthful with Sellers, you WILL lose listings due to pricing. REALTORS®, that specialize in listings and are good at it, rarely take over priced listings. We have to say "no" quite frequently.
However, it doesn't mean the Sellers won't come back to us after their "tell them what they want to hear" REALTOR® fails. And they will fail, more times than not.
So this is what I do. If I meet with … (48 comments)

training: Surviving In Real Estate Requires "growing a pair". - 04/30/13 10:36 PM

Are you working on getting business today? I am. In fact it's what I do every day. My job is generating business. For any one wanting to work in real estate, as a career, generating business is the number one skill you must learn.

First and foremost it requires work. Not hard work but consistent and persistent work. This means making a plan and sticking to it. Not for a month or for six months but for EVER.

But where do you begin? What activities should you work on?

When in doubt I always go to … (38 comments)

training: Do You Need To Be In The Local Area To List A Property? - 04/19/13 09:20 PM
I have been a Real Estate Broker in Poinciana Florida for 18 years. For the first 14 of those I would rarely leave my community for a listing. Then the market crashed. The average home sale went from $225,000 down to $64,000! Do you have any idea how many $64,000 properties you have to sell to run a brokerage? A lot.
So in order to increase my income I needed to:
1.   Charge a higher commission. 2.   Charge transaction fees. 3.   Sell more units. 4.   Increase average sales price.   My business is primarily listing Florida Short Sales and selling Florida investment … (7 comments)

training: Do You Want More Short Sale Listings? - 01/11/13 10:39 PM
Do You Need More Short Sale Listings?
Short Sale Superstars wants to make generating leads easier for you. So.....we have partnered with the Short Sale Specialist Network to offer you.....
The Short Sale Lead Machine.
AND......if you use coupon code SUPERSTAR you will get an additional month for only $1. That means you can have your site set up and use it for two months for only $2! is a FREE one hour course on Lead Generation that may help you.
Let's make 2013 a banner year for Short Sales. Together we can help a lot of folks avoid … (2 comments)

training: When Dealing With Internet Leads Be A Resource Not A Salesperson - 12/08/12 10:06 PM

Hi folks. Today I want to write a little bit about Internet leads and how I handle them. Hopefully this will gove you some ideas you can implement in your own business.

Having been in sales of some sort most of my life the most important thing I have learned NOT sell folks. My job as a "salesperson" is to persuade people to make decisions that are beneficial to them and to me. TLW says I am a manipulator. She's wrong. I am a persuader.

You must remember folks searching on the Internet are after … (75 comments)

training: Sellers Aren't Stupid. - 10/29/12 11:55 PM

"Broker Bryant, How much do you think our home is worth?" "Well, Mr. Need T. Sell, I think you house is worth about $260,000. However, I'm not here to tell you what your house is worth, I'm here to tell you what it will take to get it sold. In my opinion, I think we should Range Price your property from $239,000 to $259,000 trying to sell as close to $250,000 as possible." He says in shock, "Broker Bryant, are you crazy? I just had it appraised 6 months ago and it appraised at $275,000! There is no way I … (106 comments)

training: Don't Get Caught With Your Arse Showing! - 07/21/12 03:08 PM
Do you have an Independent Contractor Agreement or are you just trusting your Broker to treat you fairly?  It never ceases to amaze me how many agents do not have an Independent Contractor Agreement. In fact I have heard from agents that didn't even know there was such a thing. How can that be? How could you go to work for someone and not have a contract? To me, this is the single most important document that you should have. Without it, it’s my opinion, you are unemployed.
In Florida this is not something that you learn at Real Estate … (8 comments)

training: How To Have More Closings And Make More Money In Real Estate - 05/08/12 09:58 PM

Hi folks. I recently read an article from an agent talking about his difficulties with getting transactions closed. He mentioned he was losing 1 and 4 transactions before they made it to the closing table.
A 25% closing percentage is enough to put any of us in the poor house!!! BUT....if we know our closing percentage is 25% we can find a solution.
The solution is to have more pendings!! It impossible to control all aspects of a real estate transaction but we can control the amount of deals we are closing. If you know only 1 in 4 … (30 comments)

training: "Padding The HUD"...Games People Play. - 04/24/12 09:57 PM
Hi folks. We have a good discussion going on over at Short Sale Superstars about “Padding the HUD”. If you are not familiar with this phrase, “Padding the HUD” is the practice of adding additional charges and/or inflated amounts to the estimated HUD before you send in the Short Sale request. The idea is that the Lender will take away some of the charges yet leave the ones you really need. It gives the Short Sale negotiator wiggle room.
Wendy and I completely do not approve of this tactic. We teach to submit a very clean HUD that is as accurate … (45 comments)

training: Yes. I Would LOVE To Just Stick My Sign In Your Yard! - 04/14/12 02:15 AM
Hi Folks. Here’s a new strategy for you. We’ve all run across the  “I just want to test the market” or “We aren’t giving our home away” or  the “We don’t need to sell” Seller.

Well folks you no longer need to walk away from these listings. You just need to use a different listing agreement. That’s right. You can take this listing and still make money off of it.

You just need to use the “Exclusive Right To Stick My Sign In Your Yard Agreement”.

Here’s the spiel. “Mr and Mrs Seller, I’m not here to tell … (17 comments)

training: It's Redudant! It's Redundant! - 04/10/12 09:07 PM

Hi Folks, TLW and I have never worked in a regular Real Estate office before. We worked in a property management office for a few years but were the only REALTORS® there. We learned our craft through trial and error and attending meetings at our local board of REALTORS®. By learning this way we have always done things our own way and really don't have a clue how the larger offices conduct their business.
So with that in mind, I have a question for you. I recently received an offer for one of my listings and as usual it … (13 comments)

training: 10 Common Short Sale Mistakes And How To Avoid Them - 01/06/12 07:34 AM

10 Most Common Short Sale Mistakes And
How to Avoid Them
Not Qualifying the Seller Their financial situation (current assets etc) Hardship (will give clues to how you will get approval) Type of mortgage If it’s FHA loan and other types, can try to get pre-approved Is Fannie or Freddie? Not preparing the seller for cash contribution and/or promissory note (part of #1 but so important!) Not doing preliminary title search Not controlling the list price and subsequent price reductions Advising your seller to accept an offer that is too low Not controlling the terms of contract – buyer end, … (5 comments)

training: How Do Justify Your High Commission? - 12/03/11 07:23 AM
Hi folks. In this day and age of easy access to information, what do you do that justifies your high commission?Why would the consumer want to hire you and pay your fee, when they can find all the information they need on the Internet? What can you say to justify your commission?
Well folks I am here to tell you, you best be prepared to answer these questions. And you best have a better answer prepared than your 25 step marketing plan and access to the MLS. This will not cut it in this day of disintermediation and discount, web based, … (46 comments)

training: Simple Thoughts On Negotiating - 11/21/11 11:59 PM

There are many ways to be an advocate while still presenting yourself as being a collaborator. The party on the other side of the table can leave "feeling" as if they have won or were able to reach a compromise when the reality is they accepted the exact terms and conditions we wanted them to accept.In my opinion, most of negotiating is about the presentation.My wife says I'm manipulative when the reality is I'm just an excellent persuader. I don't manipulate people while negotiating. I strategically box them in to making the decision I want them to make. People do … (9 comments)

training: How Many Properties Do You NEED To Sell Next Year? - 10/21/11 08:01 AM
Hi folks. We are quickly closing in on 2011. With that in mind I am writing this post to give you a very simple way to achieve your financials goals for next year. First I want you to punch your numbers into this chart. We are looking for how much GFI (Gross Commission Income) you need to meet your financial obligations based on the lifestyle you want to live.

The amount of GCI (Gross Commission Income) needed is $117,500. So how do you get there?
Average sales price in your market area X the average commission X your % split=Your … (52 comments)

training: Are You A Picker Or A Producer? - 10/15/11 01:25 AM
Generating business. Do you do it? Or are you relying on your Broker or your team leader to provide you with business? If you are not generating your own business then you are working a job. A job that can be snatched from you at any time. Personally, this is not a position I would want to be in.It’s also a position that will limit you in your career. You are depending on others to provide your income. To a Broker you bring less value to the table than an agent that brings business with them. You have very little negotiating … (43 comments)

training: How To Get Buyer Leads And Close Transactions - 10/11/11 01:48 AM

Hi folks. This is going to be a long one so go grab a beverage and use the potty. I’ll wait.....lalala lalalala lalalala.....OK here goes.

First, it’s important to understand that there are only 3 incoming producing activities in Real Estate.
Listing properties for sale
Showing properties to buyers
Writing contracts
Everything else stems from these activities. With the main stem being.....closing and getting paid!

In order to do these activities you MUST have leads. Therefore lead generation is the most important part of our job and is something that should be worked on everyday with no … (68 comments)

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