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  Good morning Superstars.   Here are this week's Superstar discussions.     Sellers Bailing on SS last minute, need some advice! I have a BOA approved SS that is set to close. The second lien was removed due to national mortgage settlement act and the file is in BOA's… Started by Derik Bjorgo  ...
So you have been working for several months negotiating a Short Sale. The junior liens have been sorted out and the Seller is receiving $12,000 from the lender as an incentive. You spoke to the negotiator at the Servicer/lender yesterday and they stated the Short Sale was approved and you should...
Good morning folks. We have a great discussion going on over at about Home Inspections and when to do them. Check it out. Here are my thoughts: First, there are advantages to the Buyer doing the inspection promptly. The main one being that If there are issues with ...
  Good morning Superstars.   Here are this week's Superstar discussions.   When to do Inspections? It's been my practice in the past to have Buyers Agents not do inspections until after the Written Approval has arrived. I know that some… Started by Janis Schade 3 yesterday Reply by Jill Ford Ano...
Well that's a great question. Making a cash contribution and/or signing a promissory note is called "Participating in the loss". Whether or not you are asked to participate in the loss is based on several factors. Your..... Cash reserves Credit score How delinquent you are Income level As of Nove...
Credit scoring is one of the great mysteries of the universe.  The only ones that know how it fully works are the ones doing the scoring. And they ain't telling! We do know that they take into consideration: Payment history Debt to income Available credit Missing payments will affect payment hist...
Hi folks. This article is a response to,"How to Take Advantage of Struggling Real Estate Agents, as a Seller". I was going to write a post to address many of the comments about "I'll show any listing regardless of commission" and "I always put my client's interest first" but then I realized I ha...
Hi folks.  Dealing with Short Sales all day can be very stressful and frustrating. In my market I have worked as long as 2 years on a short sale that sold for $50,000. I’m sure I worked for far less than minimum wage. But hey.....I learned a long time ago that I get paid by the year. Not the tran...
Good morning Superstars. Here are this week's Superstar discussions. DiscussionsRepliesLatest Activity BOFA Did it again!!!!! What are they thinking??? BOFA Did it again!!!! Short sale approved. Approval letter being worked on and I could not get it last Friday or this past Monday as I was... St...
There has been a lot of talk lately in the short sale world about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac countering short Sale contract prices at outrageously high prices. As a Short Sale Specialist in Orlando, Florida I too am seeing really high counters from the 2 largest investors. An example is a propert...

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