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Westbrook Real Estate Investments specializes in the buying of distressed houses in Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto California and Tulsa, Oklahoma. We buy houses in any condition, in any neighborhood and pay cash. If you have an unwanted house because of Divorce, Inheritance, Job Relocation, Job Loss, Bankruptcy or Foreclosure, we are here to help. We buy houses without the need for you to fix it up or clean it. That means we buy houses in their as is condition, without contingencies and without the need for inspections and or repairs. If you have an unwanted house call us at 209-481-7780 and we will make you an all cash offer and close on the date of your choosing.
Since 2008 and the "great recession", the housing market has ostensibly changed and the real estate industry, which has lagged behind the past 10 years, shows signs that it is not ready to lead the economy in any measure or market. That is OK, because when it does lead the economy, it merely foll...
The 4 Things Home Inspectors are looking for that Could Kill the Sale of Your Stockton HouseIf you are thinking about selling your House in Stockton there is a 98% chance that at some point it will be inspected by at least 2 home inspectors and 1 appraiser. This article will explain the 4 things ...
Is it a buyers or a seller’s market today in Stockton? As experts in the Stockton real estate market, we get asked this question a lot.The answer isn't as simple as yes or no.The State of the Market for Buyers in Stockton, CaliforniaFirst, it really depends on the property type, location and the ...
Who Will Buy My House in StocktonAs we usher in 2019 the real estate market has once again changed and like every year proceeding, the conditions in each market are driven by supply, demand and the local economy.Finding the right buyer or even the right way for you to sell can be a challenge and ...
Thinking about selling your inherited house? In this blog post, you’ll read about the 5 no stress tips for preparing to sell an inherited property in Stockton so you can sell it easily, with no hassle.Selling a house under any circumstances can be frustrating, time-consuming, and even expensive.A...
In real estate, everything is a negotiation. Its about coming to terms with what a seller wants and the buyer is willing to pay and visa versa when it comes to inspections.. That give and take is the key to a successful transaction. It is about coming to terms with reality, and when your home is ...
Please don't assume that if you know me you have earned the right to be my Real Estate Agent? The truth be told, I don't pick attorneys, certified public accountants, financial planners, Doctors or insurance agents that way. I believe that Real Estate Agents Need to Earn each and every Listing ba...
Home sellers in Stockton and Modesto California are having a great selling season according to Realtor.com. The data is also boding well for the rest of the State and Country.Nationwide  the numbers are also good with the median house selling in 68 days, but in California, specifically in Stockto...
What if you've got a house in Stockton that you need to sell but you haven’t got 180 days to one year to sell it?  Worse yet, it isn’t the prettiest house on the block and it needs a lot of work and you don’t have the money to clean it, up let alone fix it up?  What if you just don’t want to put ...
Cash vs. Financing What offer should I Accept?Negotiating the sale of a house that you own is not always as simple as it sounds. Offers come in all shapes and sizes and they need to be evaluated based on the criteria that you established when you established the sales price.  Remember that each o...

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