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I'm Toni Weidman; my husband, Craig, and I have been selling homes for 23 years in the New Port Richey-Trinity & North Pinellas areas. I am past President of the Board of Directors of the SPCA Suncoast. We also give you information about local events, local people, local businesses and things that go on around our area. BUY LOCAL - keep your neighbors in business. We are members of the Trinity-Odessa Chamber of Commerce.



The Foundation for Early Learning is holding an Open House at Mr. & Mrs. Cook’s privately owned museum in New Port Richey. This is a rare treat as the museum is privately held and normally by invitation only. Mr. Cook is a member of the Foundation’s board. The event is Sunday, October 19, 2014 fr...
 Barktoberfest 2014 is coming soon and I think this fluffy guy is super-excited about it. I wanted to share this with you to see you smile on a Monday.   This was on Facebook and one of the comments recommended using some flea powder as a cure.  I’m not sure how they got him to do this but the mu...
Group Boards On Pinterest-Being Invited Are you on Pinterest? I see some of my AR friends on Pinterest ignore or accept a group invite but never pin anything to it.     I think some of you probably don't understand what being added to a group on Pinterest means. When someone invites you to one of...
Making Christmas vacation plans and heading for Disney World, Orlando. Want to see and maybe eat a piece of a giant gingerbread house. This gingerbread house is approx. 16ft high. Made fresh every year, it takes 1050 lbs of Honey, 800 lbs of flour, 600 lbs chocolate, 600 lbs powdered sugar, 180 l...
Last Sunday, I received a call from my sweet friend, Kwee Huset in Venice, FL.  We see each other at Meet-ups and chat on the phone occassionally. Kwee was having some technical issues so we went through some of the steps to try to get her started. Of course, we chatted about other things while w...
  We took a break yesterday and went to our favorite store, The Fresh Market in Clearwater, FL. it always relaxes me to walk around there-everything smells so wonderful. And I needed to relax (it didn't last long though). And their displays are so much fun to look at. It really is beginning to lo...
  Kosmik KaKtus Are Kute: Do you love cactus? I'm sorry to say that they are not my favorite class of plants but still they are kind of cute. Especially now that they come in all fashionable shades to match or compliment the colors of your room or curtains.   They are reasonable priced too. These...
  Have you written some killer blogs that really nailed a topic like tips for buyers or seller, mortgage how to’s, home preparations? But those were maybe 2-6 years ago depending on how long you’ve been here.   Were they hardly noticed, got few comments because you put them up on the day that cha...
  Goodbye Summer   Tomorrow is the end of summer: officially, that is. It won’t happen here for a few more weeks, although it is about 5 degrees cooler these days.     So we will be saying goodbye (for now) to   swimsuits (I can hear some of you saying Thank Goodness). Beach chairs, umbrellas, & ...
Have You Said Hello To Your Roof Lately In Florida,  insurance will not be issued unless a roofer certifies at least 3 more years of life for the roof. So if you are thinking of selling your home, call a licensed, certified, roofer.     Call several and have them check your roof.  You may have t...

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