disney world: It's Good To Have A Friend - 12/06/14 05:07 AM
It's Good To Have A Friend especially one who can shield you from the sun, rain, or any other events that can cause you problems.
We always have fun at Disney World and this is one of our really good buddies.  He's at poolside in Port Orleans Hotel. The pool there is really fun and has activities for the kids all the time.
Am I a kid?  You bet, at heart I will always love the fun side of life.

If you visit Port Orleans, please say hello to my friend.

disney world: Gardens At Disney World And Pixlr App - 12/03/14 07:43 PM
Gardens At Disney World And Pixlr App
I thought  I would send you a little garden memory.  This was taken at Disney  World back around May; probably at the Epcot Flower and Garden Show.  I framed it in Pixlr with the whitish fronds.  
Have you tried Pixlr yet?  I use it on my iPad and iPhone.  It is a great photo editing app. And it's free.  I use iWatermark for my name, it also is a great app and free for the basic version which is all I need.

Enjoy the colors and take a … (15 comments)

disney world: Tiny Carousel at Disney World - 11/14/14 01:53 AM
Tiny Carousel at Disney World
At Disney Village, you can come across some really cute things.  Like a Lego serpent in the pond, and this tiny carousel which is kind of hidden behind a bunch of stores. I love carousels and even have a carousel board on Pinterest. So I added this one.


Oh, BTW, here's a sssserpent for you.


 We all hope you are having a ssssunny Ssssaturday.
Here's a link to my Carousel Board on Pinterest.
Follow Toni Weidman, Re/Max Sunset's board Carousels on Pinterest.

disney world: Tiger Toes And A Giraffe In Orlando - 10/11/14 12:04 AM
We always pop into Animal Kingdom when we are at Disney World in Orlando. It's the best place to see all kinds of wonderful creatures either relaxing or prowling around. Wish we could pet the Tigers. I did pet a giraffe once and she tried to eat my camera. (At the Brevard Zoo) on the east coast.

The Tiger is behind a glass window, lying directly underneath and this is all I could see.


disney world: Meeting Friends At Disney's Food and Wine Festival - 10/10/14 05:25 AM
We met quite a few friends at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival when we zipped over there for a couple of days this week. We went over on a day that started out in the 60’s so we thought it would be nice and cool. It was in the 80’s by afternoon and we were dressed for cooler weather.  
No matter, we enjoyed ourselves and ran into some wonderful characters.

 He's such a great guy.
I prefer the Flower and Garden Show; I'm not an eater or drinker so this one doesn't interest me … (14 comments)

disney world: The Great Argus Pheasant at Animal Kingdom - 03/22/14 09:43 PM
The Great Argus Pheasant at Animal Kingdom is very shy.
The Great Argus Pheasant is not a bird you will see wandering through your backyard.  He or she is a brown feathered bird with a blue head and neck and a reddish upper breast. What makes this species so unusual is it’s size.

The Great Argus Pheasant can measure from 63 to 79” in total length. That’s over 6 feet long! The tail measures 41 to 56”.  Weight can be 4.5 to 6 pounds.  The female is considerably smaller at 38-30” in total length and not as pretty … (22 comments)

disney world: Bird Watching At Animal Kingdom, Orlando FL - 02/19/14 03:48 AM
Bird watching at Animal Kingdom, Orlando FL is always fun whether they are in the aviary or loose around the park. The bird here is sitting on the fountain wall getting delicately misted. It was 78* the day I took this picture, and in the aviary several degrees warmer. I think this is a very smart bird; maybe smarter than the people looking at him.

While Animal Kingdom is not a large theme park like some others at Disney, it's perfect for an early morning walkabout. If you go, don’t dash from one exhibit to another, take time … (16 comments)

disney world: The Wreaths of Disney World - 12/19/13 05:50 AM
Enjoy The Wreaths of Disney World. We spent a few days with Mickey last week, and loved all the Christmas decorations.  I wanted to share a few of their wonderful wreaths with you.

Yacht Club

Hollywood Studios

The Polynesian Resort
Grand Floridian

Wilderness Lodge
 I hope you all enjoyed the Disney Magical Wreaths.
There is Christmas every where you look.
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disney world: Komodo Dragon Testing The Air In Animal Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando - 12/17/13 09:16 PM
Komodo Dragon Testing The Air In Animal Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando

This handsome fellow was wandering around his habitat which is unusual. Most of the time we have stopped by to say Hi, he has been looking like a long-tailed rock sleeping on other rocks. This time we were lucky and he was wandering all over the place.

According to our friends at Wiki, the Komodo is a large (really large) monitor lizard. The komodo uses it’s tongue to detect, smell, test, and taste. It has been known to attack humans only occasionally.


Don’t worry, he’s … (24 comments)

disney world: The Tail Competition - At Animal Kingdom in Disney World, Orlando - 04/23/13 07:09 AM
The Tail Competition -  At Animal Kingdom in Disney World, Orlando
I think the gorgeous Scarlet Macaw wins the prize for his really long tail.  His friend had a shorter tail so I’m guessing there was some competition going on.  Or maybe he really can’t see the end of it. He appears to be looking down his nose beak at the other one.

Spend time in Animal Kingdom in Disney World then come to the West Coast and find a home to live in. You can’t live in Animal Kingdom.
Toni and Craig Weidman
Re/Max New … (18 comments)

disney world: It’s Best To Let Sleeping Tigers Lie - Animal Kingdom in Disney - 04/16/13 09:50 PM
It’s Best To Let Sleeping Tigers Lie - Animal Kingdom in Disney
Enjoying a bit of high noon sun, a lucky tiger snoozes away at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. He’s a beautiful animal and just wants to be left alone to grab some z’s.

The best time to go to Animal Kingdom is as early as the park opens; you want to have water with you for the trek and dress for the heat and humidity; wear loose, cotton clothing, comfortable shoes, and hats to shade your skin. Wear sunblock too.
The tiger exhibit can get quite … (15 comments)

disney world: Osborne Family Light Show at Disney World- Can You Say Spectacular - 12/30/12 12:14 AM
Osborne Family Light Show at Disney World- Can You Say Spectacular
The Osborne Family Light Show at Disney World-Orlando is magnificent.
The lights surround you, are above you, and on all sides. Everything seems to work at the right second and it’s like you’re part of the lights. People stand and just stare-forgetting their cameras in their hands; I took about 15 minutes worth and distilled it down to try to show the highlights. You can still see the Osborne Lights until January 6, 2013 so hurry up and make reservations. Please don't call me, please call Disney. You … (16 comments)

disney world: Just a Little Disney in Orlando, Florida - 09/12/12 04:29 AM
It’s been a wild and crazy day and I didn’t have time to post anything this morning so here's Just a Little Disney in Orlando, Florida. Some pictures from the Epcot Flower and Garden Show in April. It’s amazing what they can do with frames and flowers; but it is Disney and they can do all kinds of magical things.

If you love flowers, make sure you go to the Epcot Flower and Garden Show in April-May. The displays are unbelievable, incredible, and just so darn pretty.
It's gloomy and pouring rain and I needed something fun … (19 comments)

disney world: Some Friends Stopped By to Say Hello - 07/15/12 01:44 AM
Some Friends Stopped By to Say Hello on a Speechless Sunday

How can you not smile at them?

Photo taken by Toni at the Epcot Flower and Garden Show in April 2012.
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disney world: Look Into My Eagle Eyes - At Animal Kingdom in DisneyWorld-Orlando - 04/04/12 02:35 AM
Look Into My Eagle Eyes - At Animal Kingdom in DisneyWorld-OrlandoAren’t these eyes majestic? Look at the expression in his face. I would have loved to touch him and felt those feathers but his handler didn’t come close enough.Eagle at the Birds of Prey Exhibit at Animal Kingdom in DisneyWorld-Orlando.

How could anyone hurt anything this beautiful?

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disney world: Do You Have Creative Vision? The Four Sea Horses of Boardwalk Hotel in DisneyWorld- Orlando - 03/21/12 04:44 AM
Do You Have Creative Vision? The Four Sea Horses of Boardwalk Hotel
in DisneyWorld - Orlando
Take a look at this fantastic chandelier hanging in lobby of the Boardwalk Hotel at Disney World Orlando. Absolutely huge and absolutely stunning. It took a lot of creative thought to design and visiulize the finished product.

Photos by Toni Weidman, Re/Max New Dimensions.

I stood looking at it for several minutes before I realized those weren't horses; at least not ordinary horses. It takes a great mind to create something different like this.

Do you … (25 comments)

disney world: Here’s Looking at You, Kid on Wild Wednesday - 02/08/12 06:12 AM
Here’s Looking at You, Kid on Wild Wednesday This cute looking guy is a Painted Stork, he has pink feathers and looks like a rainbow on legs (long, skinny legs). Painted Storks live in Asia and they are happy there--they don’t migrate. They nest in trees alongside other water birds; and when feeding they immerse half their beak in water and sweep side to side to snap up fish. This lucky duck--oops, I mean Painted Stork has been adopted by Animal Kingdom in Disney World-Orlando. And, I'm sure he's happy there too. He looks happy, I think, although it's hard to … (35 comments)

disney world: Why Did The Rhino Cross the Street? To Meet-Up With His Friends in Disney World-Orlando - 12/21/11 01:43 AM
Why Did The Rhino Cross the Street? To Meet-Up With His Friends in Disney World-OrlandoThis huge White Rhino crossed the road in front of our Safari truck. We were at Animal Kingdom in Disney World-Orlando, and since we hadn’t taken the Jungle Safari ride in forever and it was a gorgeous, cool day, we hopped on. I’m so glad we did because all the animals were out and wandering around the “savanna”.This guy is just magnificent close-up and he ambled by. His friends had their backs(?) to us so I was really happy to get his picture. Why Did The Rhino … (17 comments)

disney world: WildWednesday - There is nothing wild about this guy - 10/12/11 06:05 AM
WildWednesday - There is nothing wild about this guy He lives at the lake in Epcot at Disney World in Orlando, Florida  and he thinks he is just so gorgeous....well, he is, isn’t he?There were lots of ducks and baby ducklings by the lake, running around in the park, and generally having a wild time-- if you can call living at Disney World wild. Posts you may have missedSuccessful Catches for Critters Fundraiser for SPCA SuncoastWooden You Love these ToysHaunted Halloween Train Rides at Crews Lake ParkCeledbrate National White Cane Awareness Event in Spring Hill-FloridaHomes for Sale in Gulf Trace in … (17 comments)

disney world: Smiles and Flying Donkeys - At Coronado Springs in DisneyWorld-Orlando - 08/01/11 03:01 AM
Good Monday Morning to you all. I thought I might bring a smile to your Monday with this display cart in a shop at the Coronado Springs lobby at DisneyWorld in Orlando-Florida. Hope you all have a very successful week with lots of smiles in it. Must be one of Pinocchio's bad boys. I don't know which one but he's sure cute. Smile and the world will smile with you. Have you ever noticed that if you have a smile on your face and you pass someone, they will smile too. Smile lots-it’s so good for you. Posts you may have … (13 comments)

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