sandhill cranes: A Sure Sign Of Spring In New Port Richey, FL - 03/09/15 04:49 AM
A Sure Sign Of Spring-A New Batch Of Babies
Every year, our resident Sandhill Crane couple brings their babies around for us to approve and enjoy.
We know it’s the same couple because they bring their babies to our back door for our admiration and approval, and wait for the seeds to come out. This year’s new crop of babies is very cute. They were born about two weeks ago and have already grown so much bigger.
Sandhills mate for life, they have one or two babies. Sadly the babies don’t always make it especially if Spring turns … (19 comments)

sandhill cranes: A Little Dance Music Please - 09/10/14 06:39 AM
I was outside having a chat with a couple of my favorite neighbors, the Sandhill family, when Mr. Sandhill decided to entertain us with an Irish jig.  Mrs. Sandhill looks a little embarrassed but we all just took it in stride.  Hey, everyone has to have fun and relax once in a while.  

 It it looks like they are checking out our sign.  Maybe they weren't sure this was the right house.

The one on the left is the baby I have been watching since Spring. He had just taken a bath in the pond and … (23 comments)

sandhill cranes: The Sandhill Crane Family - Always Together - 09/13/13 09:32 PM
The Sandhill Crane Family - Always Together
Sandhill Cranes are everywhere in our neighborhood; I just love the way the mom and pop stay together for life. What’s even more fun to watch is how they nurture their young. They usually have two babies but most don’t survive the first few weeks. If we have torrential rains, they become victims of pneumonia: or get eaten by crows or hawks.

It’s sad to see these little ones chasing after the parents, and then a few days later Mom and Dad wander by without them. The adults honk and cry … (10 comments)

sandhill cranes: The End of the Day and Peace at Last - 01/13/12 08:09 AM
The End of the Day and Peace at Last  Sandhill Crane parents are incredibly nurturing; they watch their babies with a great intensity. If you get too close, Dad comes toward you--just to let you know that if you want to go any closer, you will have to go through him.  And with that sword-like beak, I wouldn’t even try. The little ones are just like little ones the world over: they get into everything, run everywhere, but the parents are very patient and try to keep up with them. I'm sure the parents are tired like all parents are at … (18 comments)

sandhill cranes: A Walk on the Wild Side - of the street - 08/24/11 02:19 AM
The Sandhill Cranes are walking their young’uns down our street. They don't seem concerned about traffic - of course, all they have to worry about is golf carts and a few neighbors coming and going. And, everyone watches out for them. Could they be any cuter? Posts you may have missed4751 Vicksburg Ct-Heritage Lake-New Port Richey-FL is for SaleA Living Statue at Palm Harbor Days in Palm Harbor-FloridaGrrrr-it’s raining and I forgot my umbrellaWest Pasco Historical Society-New Port Richey-FLHawk Stomps Toads for LunchPasco County School Calendar 2011-12Earthing, Take Me to Your LeaderThe Center for Independence is Having a Garage Sale-Hudson-FloridaLooking for … (26 comments)

sandhill cranes: Skinny Dipping in the Pond at Timber Greens-New Port Richey-Florida - 08/15/11 08:13 AM
Skinny Dipping in the Pond at Timber Greens-New Port Richey-Florida Last week, I was outside in my garden in New Port Richey-Florida, trimming some flowers when I heard a racket in the pond. I ran in to get my camera was was able to catch some of the skinny dipping while it was going on. I didn’t put music to it because I wanted you to be able to hear the splashing sounds.
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sandhill cranes: Spring Silhouette - 03/30/11 02:39 AM
A sure sign of spring around New Port Richey-Florida: a brand new baby Sandhill Crane with mom and dad. And in the sunlight. Also you can see Last year's babies (two of them).  Babies are growing up! Posts you may have missed. Spherion Helps You Add Staff - Brooksville-Florida Health Insurance Services-Modglin and Associates A+ Tax and Accounting Service Inc. in New Port Richey-FLMezzaluna Pizzeria and Restaurant is a great place to eat-New Port Richey-FLLookiing for Low-cost Dental Insurance here in New Port Richey-FloridaSPCA Suncoast saves dogs and cats lives. Progress Energy Art Gallery in New Port Richey-FL Rotary Club of … (29 comments)

sandhill cranes: Sandhill Cranes and a Rainy Day on the Golf Course in Timber Greens - 01/10/11 05:27 AM
It has been a really rainy day here in the golf community of Timber Greens in New Port Richey-Florida. It's dark, and gloomy with thunder and lightning: there's even reports of hail further south.
But it didn't stop the golfers! And, there is a Sandhill Crane couple in the almost dry pond (we need the rain). They sleep there at night unless the pond fills up.  See also: Baby Sandhill Cranes and Close Encounters

They certainly brightened the day for me!
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sandhill cranes: Shayna the Kitten has a Close Encounter of the Sandhill Kind in New Port Richey FLorida - 10/25/10 09:58 AM
New Port Richey, FL  As you all know by now, we have a new kitten named Shayna (SPCA Suncoast alumni). She's discovering all kinds of weird and wonderful things. We also have a Sandhill Crane family that includes Mom, Dad and 2 kids that wander around the golfcourse. One day, Shayna and the Sandhills got up close and personal. Maybe it's not only beauty that is in the eye of the beholder?
Shayna: Whoa, what are those really strange creatures? And why are they coming over here?
Shayna: They are so weird looking.

Papa Sandhill Crane: She thinks WE'RE … (14 comments)

sandhill cranes: New Port Richey FL - Sandhill Cranes are almost all grown up. - Timber Greens - 09/16/10 09:38 AM
New Port Richey FL - I posted back in May about our baby Sandhill Cranes; they were just fluffy little chicks. Take a look at them back then in this post
Now take a look at how much they've grown up. They still don't have the red spots on their heads yet but they are almost as big as Dad and just about the same size as Mom. Someone has been feeding these guys (not a good idea with those huge beaks) because when I went out on the patio they came right over; it was obvious they were expecting a … (12 comments)

sandhill cranes: Sandhill Crane babies are growing up! - 06/06/10 08:00 AM
These Sandhill Crane babies are growing rapidly; they try so hard to flap those little stubs of wings and fly but just hop and skip over the ground. This is a very good set of parents because we still have two babies! They were right next to our patio and when I stepped very gently and quietly out to take the pictures; Dad got very protective and waved his very large wings to herd the kids out of danger. I managed to get 2 shots before that happened.
See previous blog about 3 weeks ago when they were almost brand new. 

sandhill cranes: Baby Sandhill Cranes with Mom and Dad in Timber Greens on the Golf Course-New Port Richey FL - 05/17/10 01:41 AM
We were enjoying the early morning sights and sounds in our back yard when along came Mom and Dad Sandhill with their two new babies. Sandhill Cranes are fantastic parents and guard their children very carefully. The kids were running all over and modeling their parents searching for food (lizards, toads, insects). Unfortunately, we also have crows in the area: last season a baby was killed and eaten by crows despite the parents attempts to fight them off.

sandhill cranes: Sandhill Valentine-New Port Richey-Florida - 02/07/10 07:43 AM
Sandhill Cranes are lovely birds and these live on our golf-course. In celebration of Valentine's Day....Enjoy. Sandhill Cranes can weigh between 10-14lbs; have a wingspan of 6 to 8 ft, and stand up to 3.5 ft. tall. They usually mate for life and both parents take care of the young 'uns called "colts". They are mostly gray with a red spot on their heads. The oldest fossil found of a Sandhill Crane is 2.5 million years old. In Florida, where their numbers are declining, they are protected; and, if killed, the penalty is quite high. We've had several families and the … (4 comments)

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