conversion: Time to Cowboy Up - 06/11/10 10:39 AM
Time to Cowboy UpSubmitted by Jeff Bonham on March 15th, 2010 It's time to Cowboy Up!
Spring was here and almost gone, any excuses found over the winter are no longer valid.  It is time to Cowboy Up!  Pull up the boots, strap on the spurs, get to riding.  I'm not talking about a light little gallop, this is full on sprint time.  If you have bought into the "winter time is slow time" then you may still be paying for that while ramping things up.  Take a look at your current market, what are your average Days On Market?  … (3 comments)

conversion: It's now or never, you have 90 days to live - 02/26/10 08:23 AM
That's right, 90 days.   Your entire year may be based on the next 90 days.  
Ihave participated in a great deal of discussion over the last few months about what happens if the tax credit disappears, if the feds stop buying down the mortgagerates, and if the banks release all of the inventory they are sitting on.  I have listened to speculators with just about every view you can imagine regarding the what ifs.  Well, my what if is this:  What if all of the above really does happen.  The dates range anywhere from April to July on the above issues.  So … (5 comments)

conversion: "I want the new Stuff!" She said... - 08/04/09 07:42 AM
So, the other day I was visiting with an associate who is basically frustrated with their career, with their income, with their life, and with the "same ol' ways of doing things."  Does any of this sound familiar?
I believe we all get burned out and frustrated at times.  The difference is how we choose to react to the situation.  In a conference I attended a few days ago down in Covington, LA I heard a beautiful statement about one of the top agents in our company at the National level who said(and I'm paraphrasing here), that she loves when she gets frustrated and … (1 comments)

conversion: Is it Time for New Friends? - 02/03/09 09:02 AM
One of the most profitable ways, yet often underutilized sources of business, is your Sphere of Influence.  What do I mean by that?  I mean anyone who would know your name or know your face, and whose information you can track down, should be considered a part of your Sphere of Influence (or SOI).  In the back of my upcoming book I am including a handy little memory jogger to help you think of people you may not pull off the top of your head.  Try'll be amazed!  I know the first time I applied it, I was awe struck at some … (6 comments)

conversion: Lead Gen vs. Order Taking...where are you at? - 01/08/09 08:25 AM
Lead Generation vs. Order Taking
Over the last 18 months I have increasingly noticed agents struggling to close transactions on a regular basis, yet alone earn enough money to pay their mortgage, utility bills, and car expenses.  When annual Realtor association dues roll around, more frequently than ever, I see people contemplating whether or not they should renew their membership or if they should place their real estate salesperson license into a referral company or even send it back to the State on Inactive Status. 
I was having coffee with a group of friends in the business one day and … (4 comments)

conversion: Where's the Magic Bullet??? - 08/11/08 08:23 AM
Isn't that the question we'd all love the answer to?  Over the years I have been to countless half day seminars sponsored by some local vendor that promises the attendees a whole new business and a whole new life simply by coming to hear a national speaker tout his wares.  I have yet to walk away from one of those seminars with a revolutionary idea or concept that I either (a) couldn't live without, or (b) didn't know already.  Hopefully I at least discovered one or two nuggets that could add to my reportoire.  That is the beauty of this business.  … (0 comments)

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