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If you are ever planning on getting a mortgage.. please read on!  This advice may seem very obvious to you, however every one of these tips at one point has resulted in a client not being able to close on a home when applying for a mortgage.  If you follow these basic steps, you'll be worry free ...
Changes.. They ARE happening in the mortgage business without question!  The most recent announcement from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is an important one.   In the last few months there has been a lot of mentioning the 'Re-pricing of Risk'... Their announcement was about new 'Delivery Fees' that ...
The mortgage market has been a unique one as of late.  I've been saying for the last year that lenders are currently re-pricing risk across the board, almost as if their looking over the ledge and backing away to stay in business. The reality is that lending guidelines became very lenient and def...
Our President has decided to step in and 'freeze' adjustable rate mortgages.  The administration suggests their actions can help 1.2 million homeowners.  Another statistic (according to the Center for Responsible Lending) says the freeze will only assist 145,000 homeowners, they say the criteria ...
Remember a long time ago..  May 26th 2006 if you want to be specific - a company known as Ameriquest was in some hot water with our attorney general Tom Miller?  Well, the settlement that came out of that lawsuit is FINALLY providing restitution for those who were affected by the tactics that the...
Ok - It's now old news that the Fed decided to cut the fed funds rate (FFR) on Tuesday a .25%.   Yes, the stock market was disappointed.  Mortgage bonds didn't do anything phenomenal on the news because it was also less of a cut than they expected.  The important and should I say 'Sexy News' was ...
In case you've been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, let me be the first to inform you that there is a Fed Meeting tomorrow.  Many spectators are expecting a cut.  The important concern I must address is how this decision effects mortgage rates.Ok.. Here is the quick and dirty - The...

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