news: Reminder: We're NOT in a Great Depression - 10/28/08 04:04 PM
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There is doom and gloom everywhere.
Let me be candid, we are living scary times.  I’m not refusing that.  However, we ARE NOT facing anything like The Great Depression.  I wish you’d get out of that line and realize that we’re in a different time.
Don’t believe me?  Here are the facts.
Unemployment is currently 6.1% (source: US Department of Labor).  I know, not sexy. Still….
During The Great Depression, unemployment peaked at 25%.  Wow!  Even towards the end of the 1930’s unemployment was about 15%.
Now, wouldn’t you agree that we … (0 comments)

news: Mortgage Market Recap for the Week of October 20th 2008 - 10/28/08 04:01 PM
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Mortgage Rate and Market Recap for the Week of October 20th - 27th, 2008
Big News for Bonds As we’ve talked about in the past, mortgage rates are based directly off of mortgage backed securities.  These are much like stocks, being traded throughout the day.  This is also why mortgage rates change throughout the day.  If you’re curious what mortgage rates are going to do, it helps to be tuned into what mortgage backed securities are doing.
Last week PIMCO (the worlds largest bond fund) announced that they were raising their stake in mortgage … (0 comments)

news: Mortgage Market Rate Watch for the Week of October 20th, 2008 - 10/28/08 03:59 PM
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Mortgage Market and Rate Watch For Week of October 20th, 2008
What To Watch This Week? The number one (and most obvious) thing to keep your eye on this week is the reactions to the Fed decision Wednesday.  It is everyone’s expectation that the Fed will cut.  I think the question is how much they will cut.
Remember, Fed Cuts Do NOT Equal Lower Mortgage Rates! It’s commonly mistaken that mortgage rates move lower when the Fed cuts.  Remember, the Fed Funds Rate (FFR) doesn’t directly correlate to mortgage rates.  In fact, … (0 comments)

news: Your Credit Score Is Going To Change, Do You Want To Know Why? - 01/01/08 03:33 PM
Credit scores have and always been a very important part to our life.  Like it or not this three digit score decides many things for you such as (but not limited to):- Employment Opportunities- Insurance Costs- Interest Rates You Pay - Being Approved For a Loan or Credit Cards- Renting an Apartment- Opening a Checking/Savings Account
It's extremely important you know the changes that are currently underway on the current credit scoring model. 
First off, the very brief background information about credit scores.  Credit scoring models have been designed by Fair Isaac.  Currently most credit bureaus subscribe to their credit scoring algorithms … (5 comments)


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