real estate broker london ontario: There is Only 3 Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Business - 04/07/12 11:47 PM
Contrary to all the coaching ‘guru’s out there, the real estate brokerage owners and managers, there are only 3 ways to grow a real estate business:
Get more clients Increase the frequency that clients do business with you Increase the transaction size Pretty simple isn’t it? That’s the problem, it is simple and we as human beings have a tendency to complicate things. And because of that, most jump on every ‘new’ do this, do that system, fancy this or that , new script, stand on one leg and whistle ‘Dixie’ group. You get my drift, max out your credit cards … (7 comments)

real estate broker london ontario: Old South London Homes Are Selling Well! - 04/04/12 02:29 AM
48 homes sold in Old South London, Wortley Village from January 1 to March 31 , 2012! Taking into consideration the size of this small sought after eclectic array of homes, the 48 sales are remarkable!
 The average selling price was $288,477 and these homes sold for 98% of their asking price and only took 39 days to sell, well under the London and area average!
 Just driving through the neighbourhood you will notice many home owners doing cosmetic or even major improvements to their homes!
Keep it up!

real estate broker london ontario: Oakridge in London Area Real Estate Numbers - 09/02/11 06:36 AM
201 houses have sold so far in the this great family Oakridge neighbourhood of London Ontario from January 1, 2011 up to September 1, 2011.
   The average selling price was $296,260 and on average these houses were on the market for 40 days & sold for 98% of the asking price!
  70 condos changed hands in the same period, taking 49 days to sell at an average price of $208,308.
  With both houses and condos selling for 98-99% of asking price proves that the London Real Estate Market is stable and real estate prices remain one of the … (0 comments)

real estate broker london ontario: When is The Best Time to List a Home in London Ontario? - 08/29/11 08:21 AM
One of the most frequently asked question is "When is the best time to list?". Many factors come into play when deciding on when and without sounding snide, the best time is when you are emotionally and physically ready.
Like picking the stock market or who should be the Number 1 draft pick, you can gather all the facts and stats you want, only time will tell.
If I want shade, when is the best time to plant a tree, today or 5 years from now?
Homes that are priced near the market, are easily seen and marketed well and in … (0 comments)

real estate broker london ontario: Where are Interest Rates in Canada Heading? - 08/19/11 07:59 AM
As of Friday August 19, interest rates across Canada have remained stable and the unpredictability of the world markets has both the half full/haft empty folks sitting on the fence.
For the average Canadian homeowner, it is wanting a feel of where mortgage rates are going. Up or down? For some, they may not have enough equity in their home to re-mortgage.
In some cities of Canada, some are predicting a housing bubble and some real estate activity is triggered by investors outside of Canada.
In my local sphere of being an owner and Broker of Record of a boutique real … (4 comments)

real estate broker london ontario: The Secret to Being Busy In Real Estate Sales - 08/18/11 11:06 AM
I have been coached by some of the best real estate gurus on the continent, I have studied the top real estate income earners and have tried to duplicate their successes and my library is full of the latest books on self improvenent, sales management, you name it.
None of the above let me in on the best kept real estate secret.
Are you ready?
Plan a holiday! Yup, pretty simple and yet for me anyway, anytime I plan to take a week or two and travel, all my 5 star prospects want to list and buy those particular weeks. Past clients who … (6 comments)

real estate broker london ontario: A Critical Assessment OF Real Estate Commissions - 07/20/11 11:52 AM
Competitive pressures ordinarily force providers' prices to reflect their cost structures. 
Standard, traditional real estate broker commissions, however, are strangely unrelated to either the quality of the service rendered or the value provided. This article analyzes five separate elements of the traditional residential real estate broker rate structure and reveals why the traditional percentage-of-sale-price fee formula does not serve the interests of home buyers and sellers.
The article concludes by suggesting four short questions that home buyers and sellers should be encouraged to ask about broker fees and services.
These should help brokers offering the flat or hourly fees … (9 comments)

real estate broker london ontario: Is Buying a Home in London Ontario & Saving Money a Paradox? - 07/09/11 04:25 AM
Buying a home and saving money at the same time? Is that a paradox or not? Not when you work with me.
You see, I have this belief that most buyers, besides wanting excellent service, full protection and brutal honesty, want to save as much money as possible.
Yes, negotiating the best price is one way, but with the average home in London and area selling for between 98-99% of the asking price, how much room is there?
I have studied the market, different systems, fees and costs associated with buying a home and have come up with a system where … (0 comments)

real estate broker london ontario: How Much Do You Charge To List A Home in London Ontario? - 07/09/11 02:46 AM
How much are you going to charge me to list my home? What is your commission rate? I get asked this question daily and rightfully so. With over 90% of home buyers researching real estate on the Internet, home sellers are saying, wait a minute, why am I being charged 5-6%?
   Other industries have changed their business models, such as the travel industry, insurance, retailing, coffee shops, grocery stores and even how we interact with  hospitals, federal,provincial and local governments.
  Gee, even within our family circles!
      With private for sale by owner (FSBO) companies, discount real estate brokerages and Uncle Harry … (1 comments)

real estate broker london ontario: As a Real Estate Agent in Ontario, How to Keep More Money in Your Pocket - 07/08/11 04:10 AM
Hi, over the past few years I have seen huge changes to the real estate industry, not only on the consumer side but on the sales side as well.
As with the travel industry and the insurance industry, consumers are cost concience and have cut out the intermediary, which in real estate is the sales representative. Yet, I still work with a travel agent for all my travel. The main reason is that she is an expert on travel, can get me what and when I want it. If something does go wrong (emergency, airline bankruptcy, overbooked hotel etc) I am … (4 comments)

real estate broker london ontario: The Hazelden neighbourhood in London Still Sought After - 07/06/11 08:48 AM
19 houses have sold in the Hazelden area from January 1, 2011 to July 6, 2011 The average selling price was $471, 224 and these sold in 47 days or less at an average of 97% of the asking price.!
The highest went in the $830, 000 range and the lowest in Hazelden starts in the 330's.
Hazelden still remains one of the most sought after neigbourhoods in London and those who do live there, do not plan on moving soon.
For more details on this great neighbourhood or others in London Ontario, stay tuned! 
Anything that does come on … (2 comments)

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