real estate career london ontario: The Secret to Being Busy In Real Estate Sales - 08/18/11 11:06 AM
I have been coached by some of the best real estate gurus on the continent, I have studied the top real estate income earners and have tried to duplicate their successes and my library is full of the latest books on self improvenent, sales management, you name it.
None of the above let me in on the best kept real estate secret.
Are you ready?
Plan a holiday! Yup, pretty simple and yet for me anyway, anytime I plan to take a week or two and travel, all my 5 star prospects want to list and buy those particular weeks. Past clients who … (6 comments)

real estate career london ontario: A Critical Assessment OF Real Estate Commissions - 07/20/11 11:52 AM
Competitive pressures ordinarily force providers' prices to reflect their cost structures. 
Standard, traditional real estate broker commissions, however, are strangely unrelated to either the quality of the service rendered or the value provided. This article analyzes five separate elements of the traditional residential real estate broker rate structure and reveals why the traditional percentage-of-sale-price fee formula does not serve the interests of home buyers and sellers.
The article concludes by suggesting four short questions that home buyers and sellers should be encouraged to ask about broker fees and services.
These should help brokers offering the flat or hourly fees … (9 comments)

real estate career london ontario: As a Real Estate Agent in Ontario, How to Keep More Money in Your Pocket - 07/08/11 04:10 AM
Hi, over the past few years I have seen huge changes to the real estate industry, not only on the consumer side but on the sales side as well.
As with the travel industry and the insurance industry, consumers are cost concience and have cut out the intermediary, which in real estate is the sales representative. Yet, I still work with a travel agent for all my travel. The main reason is that she is an expert on travel, can get me what and when I want it. If something does go wrong (emergency, airline bankruptcy, overbooked hotel etc) I am … (4 comments)

real estate career london ontario: How Do Homes Really Sell? - 05/25/11 04:44 AM

How do homes sell?  It is a combination of creating sale-ability of a home.  Here are some statistics of how homes really sell:
1%       of houses are sold from Open Houses.  This is only applicable if a thorough mailing to prospective buyers and proper advertising has been done.  Otherwise very few serious buyers go to Open Houses.
4%       of houses are sold through advertising in the newspaper or other real estate publications
6%       of homes are found by the buyer himself or the seller finding the buyer himself, A for Sale by Owner (FSBO)   in most … (3 comments)

real estate career london ontario: One of the ways to Be a great Real estate agent in London Ontario - 05/19/11 04:59 AM

real estate career london ontario: When Things Get Tough in Real Estate - 02/24/11 06:08 AM

real estate career london ontario: Migration & Immigration in Ontario & the Rest of Canada - 02/06/11 03:05 AM
Changes in population from migration and immigration:
A total of 31,805 people were added to the province's population as a result of net inter-provincial migration and international immigration in the third quarter of 2010. Notably, it was the first time since the beginning of 2003 that Ontario has recorded a net gain from inter-provincial migration.
 Some 2,083 more people moved to Ontario than moved away from the province to elsewhere in Canada in the third quarter. This was the first net gain in more than seven years.
 International immigration added 29,722 people to the province's population in the third quarter of … (6 comments)

real estate career london ontario: Sale of Homes in London Ontario Down 14.8% From Previous Year! - 11/02/10 05:39 AM
Here is a press release from the president of LSTAR (The London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® ) and my response to this.
Last month a total of 566 homes exchanged hands, down 14.8% from the previous year. "This is right in line with what we've seen all over the country over the past five months,"he says"We experienced a higher volume of sales immediately after the downturn as consumers who had been sitting on the fence jumped back into the market. Now that pent up demand has been met and the market has settled down a little. "
"The Year-to-date sales figures … (13 comments)

real estate career london ontario: Doing the Right Things in Real Estate Pays Off - 11/01/10 11:34 PM
How many times have you asked for information from a real estate website and not receive an answer in a timely matter or even at all?Or shown properties that were not even close to what you wanted? Or in your price range?
Or forced to jump through 21 hoops of paperwork before you could even get to see a property?
Here is an email from a recent client and her response to how I and my associates at Envelope Real Estate worked with her and her family!
I was hestitant to publish this as it feels like I am bragging and … (11 comments)

real estate career london ontario: MLS & The 'New ' Real Estate Model - 10/27/10 02:23 AM
I have been reading news articles about the The Competition Bureau and the CREA agreement and the personal opinions of reporters and not necessarily the facts.
Anything for a headline or fill space or in the name of consumerism.
Most real estate profession bashing has been from inside the business and not from the consumer! The majority of buyers and sellers who use a REALTOR®are happy and confident in the services performed! The majority of consumers realize the value provided by a real estate professional and as in law when only a fool would represent themself in court, holds true in real … (9 comments)

real estate career london ontario: The Registered Consent Agreement with the Competition bureau is available... - 10/26/10 07:11 AM
With all the hoopla, misconceptions and fear mongering, here is the Consent Agreement between the Compettion Bureau and The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).
I think we will see brokerages doing business different than the past and I am sure that there will be discounters and the weak who will be discounting with fervor.
Over the course of a few months I feel that those who develop a new real estate model of fees and representation will do quite well.

real estate career london ontario: Write Off 100% of New Computers For Your Business - 10/21/10 11:06 PM
Thanks to Canada's Economic Action Plan, you can fully deduct the cost of eligible computers (including systems software) in one year!
By taking advantage of this capital cost allowance (CCA) it will mean freeing up capital more quickly, modernizing, and being more competitive.
Major suppliers of computers have some great offers out there and combined with price cuts and the tax advantage presented, act before January 31, 2011 and you will be a winner!
To learn more about this or other tax cuts go here.

real estate career london ontario: A letter to my family and friends about real estate referrals - 10/10/10 11:07 PM
Below is a blog written by Marian Goetzinger where she relates a story of helping her family in another location other than her working area. Regardless if you have a real estate transaction in London Ontario or Vancouver,Toronto, Saint John or North Carolina, I can help you.

A letter to my family and friends about real estate referrals
Last night I was at a cocktail party when a church friend sat down next to me and said; "Marian, we just listed our house with another agent and I wanted to tell you why.  We … (0 comments)

real estate career london ontario: Free MLS Access without a REALTOR® - 10/06/10 10:45 PM
The Competition Bureau feels that the MLS system we have is unfair, holds the public hostage to our income structure (commissions) and is unfair to the public because you must use the services of a REALTOR® to have your property listed on MLS.
Being partial and having a personal interest in this confrontation(my income derives from real estate) I wonder if we can make the playing field level with the following suggestions.
Let the public advertise their used car on the Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, BMW web site. How unfair to let these big guys discriminate against the small guy.
Let … (86 comments)

real estate career london ontario: CREA'S AGREEMENT WITH THE COMPETITION COMMISSIONER - 10/06/10 05:14 AM
Last Thursday, the Board of Directors of CREA approved a settlement with the Competition Commissioner - subject to member approval at the Special General Meeting that will take place in St. John's later this month.
CREA and its lawyers have already held meetings with the leadership of a few Boards and Associations. More meetings will be held prior to the SGM - including this week and the next one.
Typically, when an agreement is reached between two litigants, the deal is complete once it is signed by both parties and filed with the court. In this case, the agreement with the … (5 comments)

real estate career london ontario: Competition Bureau Update and CREA & MLS - 10/06/10 02:57 AM
Over the last few days there has been criticism on how CREA rolled over for the Competition Bureau and the following dispatch from CREA should allay a few fears and get the story straight.
This matter has been ongoing for two plus years now and besides posturing, and who can pee the farthest ,from both sides, lets hope the process that is planned will be democratic and we REALTORS will determine our fate.
Go to

real estate career london ontario: Why Real Estate Representatives Can Appreciate This Market In London! - 09/23/10 03:18 AM
1. There is still a huge selection of well priced homes available for buyers.
2 We have access to many different types of low cost advertising and marketing that weren't available to agents in the past. And we now have time to take the steps to learn about techniques such as SEO and blogging as well as all the platforms available to us for networking (ActiveRain and Kijiji to name two of my favorites!)
3. A softer market will force survival of the fittest. The agents that stay strong (and therefore employed!)will be those that are knowledgeable and provide only the very best … (4 comments)

real estate career london ontario: 'I’M NOT COMING TO WORK TODAY!!!' - 09/13/10 03:53 AM
Bill calls into work and says, 'Hey, I'm not coming into work today, I really feel sick. I have got a headache, stomach ache and my legs hurt, I'm not coming in.'
 The boss says, 'You know something, Bill. I really need you today.When I feel sick like you do, I go to my wife and tell her to give me sex. That makes everything better and I go to work. You try that.'
 Two hours later Bill calls again. 'I did what you said and I feel great. I'll be at work soon.........You've got a nice house'.

real estate career london ontario: Are You Resistant to Doing Well or Unmotivated? - 09/06/10 03:17 AM
I was reading a great blog by Mike Brooks about training sales people and who a broker/owner should spend their time with.What really struck me was the word resistant. I had usually put the lethargy and poor performance to the unmotivated. I had never thought of another reason why some just refuse to succeed.
We may be motivated to exercise, but we resist. Motivated to save but resist. Motivated to be calm and kind, but resist.
What causes resistance? Do we say: "We are too old to learn? It is to much trouble? That is just the way it is? I've always done … (20 comments)

real estate career london ontario: So You Want to be a Real Estate Agent? - 09/05/10 07:28 AM
The article below was written by Lisa Orme and I feel her blog here describes what it takes to get agead in real estate sales and that real estate is a business, not a job.
Treat it as a business and choose who you start out with if you are new to the business, your chance of success depends on it.
Large is not better and small may not neccessary be any better but hands on coaching and training (and not the book stuff) will really help you.

You've got to be kidding, right? If I had $100 … (0 comments)

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