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This blog shares information, news, tips, training, and resources on how to obtain Unlimited Cash, Credit & Financing for Real Estate Investing with No Personal Guarantee using Business Credit.
Small business owners are becoming acutely aware of the importance of establishing business credit scores that are completely separate from their personal credit scores. In addition, many have found this to be a viable solution to overcome personal credit challenges that prevent them from obtaini...
Having a tough time finding funding for real estate investing? It's no secret that one of the main reasons businesses fail is lack of capital. So to help better prepare yourself for success in your new business venture I've put together a few tips and funding options you may find useful. One of t...
I'm sure we can agree that for far too long real estate investors have relied on the strength of their personal credit to dictate their ability to obtain funding for their real estate investing. Unfortunately this dependence can be easily avoided if more investors knew about the advantages that b...
Business Credit is borrowed money that your company can use to purchase products or services it needs and repay the funds at an agreed upon date or time frame.  It can also refer to the amount of capital your business can secure without the use of personal assets.  The good news for you is that b...
While microcredit loans first originated in the Third World as a way to help launch small businesses thousands of American entrepreneurs are finding it as the alternative solution to traditional lending. Many of the micro lenders, which are mostly non profits, receive the bulk of its funds from t...
What is the best way to describe the principle business activity for your company? What type of industry are you involved in? What type of products or services do you sell? These are questions quickly determined by the type of business sic codes assigned to your company.The two types of business ...
While traditional lenders have been sticking to their strict underwriting guidelines there are several creative business financing tips that may just help get you the funds you need.  Before getting into the details let me be the first to remind you that separating your personal credit from your ...
If you hope to qualify for financing for your business without having to use your personal credit then building a solid company foundation with positive business credit history is mandatory. Here is a brief overview of the steps you will take to move you through the process and get your company o...
In the business world, a strong FICO credit score rating is necessary during the early stages of business financing especially if your business credit files are not strong enough. Due to the current economy and credit markets, banks and lenders are looking at both personal FICO scores and busines...
Qualifying for a bank loan or other traditional sources of business financing can seem like an impossible task if you're like most real estate investors that haven't even begun to establish credit in the name of your business let alone have any type of business credit scores. You probably believe...

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