social media tips: 7 Steps to Become Social in Social Media - 05/03/09 04:29 PM
I like to compare social media marketing to one big party and recently my friend Perry Belcher gave a great example on this very topic.Here are the' 7 Steps to Become Social in Social Media'
1) Pick a Party to JoinThere are 3,000 social media parties (social sites) all over the Internet with over 700 million people partying (socializing) everyday and it's up to you to decide which party you want to attend. It's always best to go to the parties where you'll be able to meet people who share similar interests with you and you're business. Now let's be honest … (10 comments)

social media tips: 3 Lessons Social Media Marketers can learn from the Navy Seals - 04/17/09 03:08 AM
My inspiration for this post comes from LT. Commander Jon Cannon of the Navy Seals. There's a lot that we can learn from the highest-performing organization on the planet. For nearly half a century this organization has been creating strong, effective leaders who excel at developing amazing teams and delivering extraordinary results.The secret ingredient is that every member of this organization is a leader/teacher, engaged in continuous, interactive teaching and learning.
Who is this organization?They are the Navy SEALS.While I can't possibly cover all the leadership lessons of the SEAL organization in a single post I hope to share just a … (2 comments)

social media tips: 5 Ways to Be a Social Media Superhero - 04/09/09 07:50 AM
Watching the movie trailer for ‘Wolverine' coming out in theatres May 1st got me so excited that I felt like a kid again. I've always enjoyed reading the superhero comic books as a kid and now seeing my favorite characters come to life on the big screen is truly a fun and enjoyable experience.I know I'm not alone with this superhero appreciation because movies like the ‘Dark Knight' ranked in over over $400 million and ‘Iron Man' with $100 million across the U.S. So what's the fascination with superheroes?Well, I believe that many of us can relate to the origin of … (4 comments)

social media tips: Top 5 Social Media Magic Tricks to Avoid - 04/02/09 03:11 AM
I've always enjoyed magic tricks that created those moments of amazement, excitement, and wonder during my childhood years. Even today as an adult I still enjoy watching David Copperfield, Criss Angel, and David Blaine. These guys go to the extreme in order to capture and bewilder our minds leaving us with sheer disbelief of what just took place.You can probably think of few times that you were thinking ‘How did they do that?'Now, you're probably wondering what does this have to do with social media marketing right.Well, I had to give a positive plug to the magicians of the world before … (7 comments)

social media tips: ‘Top 3 Ways to be Invaluable to your Social Network' (Part 3) - 03/24/09 02:53 AM

Welcome back to Part 3 of the ‘Top 3 Ways to be Invaluable to your Social Network.'
In the previous note we discussed the ‘2nd Way to Be Invaluable to your Social Network' which is ‘Professional Value.'
I shared with you how ‘Professional Value' is your knowledge, expertise, resources, and credibility you provide to your social network in your targeted niche within a specific industry.
Now you know I'm going to ask you if you took action right?OK, here are the key questions?Have you decided on a set schedule when and how often you will post to your blog?Have you … (0 comments)

social media tips: Top 3 Ways to be Invaluable to your Social Network (Part 2) - 03/20/09 03:13 AM

Welcome back to Part 2 of the ‘Top 3 Ways to be Invaluable to your Social Network.'In the previous note we discussed the ‘1st Way to Be Invaluable to your Social Network' which is ‘Personal Value' and the three main areas that covered this are:
*Encouragement*Friendship*PartnershipNow here is the key question?Have you given some genuine encouragement to someone lately?Have you written down what friendship means to you, what type of friends you want to surround yourself with, and what type of friend you want to be to others?Do you have some friends that you are creating partnerships … (1 comments)


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