home journal: Marketing Your Real Estate Business By Building Relationships - 12/18/09 07:21 AM
Ultimate Home Journal believes in agents growing their business on repeat business and referrals. A good method for referral generating can save you large amounts of money that would otherwise be spent on advertising. So here are some ideas on ways you can build relationships and keep yourself in the mind of your current and past clients.
Remember to help - A large part of success is just being sincere and honest, being yourself. Focus on helping your clients, give them meaningful information, assist them by making their needs the priority.
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home journal: Persistence is Key in Building a Successful Real Estate Practice - 06/08/09 04:42 AM
I've subscribed for a few years to a great daily email from a tremendous success story.  Jeff Young continues to overcome the personal tragedy of his diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in 1983.  He does an outstanding job of commenting on the success quotes that he sends out and is on a mission to gain 10,000 subscribers.  He doesn't use the list for marketing, this is just a way for him to reach out and touch others lives. 
Please visit http://www.friendsofjeff.com for more information.
You can subscribe from his website or by sending a message to warriors-on@friendsofjeff.com
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home journal: Using Client Gifts to Gain Real Estate Referrals - 06/05/09 05:16 PM
One way I've found to be very successful in generating referral business with my customers and others is by employing a cost-effective gifting strategy. The best referral sources are naturally giving people. They want to help others by referring good services that they know about.When I give them a simple gift and educate them about my business and that I work by referral, they naturally feel indebted to me and want to return the favor of the gift. I let them know that the best way to support me is to refer me to anyone they know who might need my … (6 comments)

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Referrals are the lifeblood of the real estate and mortgage industries. The percentage of transactions that are initiated through personal referrals from friends, family, past clients and other sphere of influence members is staggering. Anyone who desires a long and profitable career in the real estate industry should actively pursue referral strategies that are cost-effective yield high results. I'll be posting referral marketing strategies that have worked for me over the last 15 years of highly successful real estate industry experience.




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