taxes: Dopes in DC - 12/07/10 04:17 PM
What a bunch of DC dopes.  Tax cuts, spending increase, printing money, borrowing from China.  Until the DC dopes learn fiscal restraint neither the Real Estate or emplyment markets will improve.
Call your legislators an tell the stop spending.

taxes: Call your congressman - tell them No more real estate subsidies - 11/17/10 04:04 AM
Call congress TODAY!.  Tell your congressman you're ready to do your part in reducing the deficit.  Tell them you want all real estate subsidies sun-setted.  No more real estate tax write offs and no more mortgage interest deuction.
The plan is to reduce them 5% a year for the next 20 years.  By 2030 all real estate will be purchassed for its TRUE value, value as shelter, a place to make a "home" and place to raise a family.
Who is John Galt?

taxes: We did it to ourselves... John Galt Help us :-) - 11/16/10 08:16 AM
Self serving real estate lobbyist, inflated home values, poor loan qualification guidelines, sloppy underwriting… “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez" that was the mantra from 1998-2007.
Now we see the fruit of our labor - foreclosures, depressed markets, few sales, scared buyers more and more assets held by fewer and fewer people.
How do we stop the madness?  First tell the Federal Government, “get the HELL out of our business and ALL business.”
S-L-O-W-L-Y eliminate all the crony capitalism, stop the subsidies, stop the tax write offs, eliminate the mortgage interest deduction, eliminate the real estate tax deduction, stop, stop, stop all … (0 comments)

taxes: $28,000 vs $1500 - 11/11/10 02:28 AM
That's what we're gonna save now that Nancy Pelosi has been fired.  Her private Gulfstream V has cost tax payers $28,000 every time she flies home.
John Boehner says he will fly commercial at a cost of about $1500 per trip.
Thanks John.

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