gadgets: Stop birds from eating your strawberries - 08/22/06 12:06 PM
My wife's parents have started growing strawberries. But apparently the native birds love to eat the juicy fruit. The  ugly bird netting that they use works fine, but little birds still find their way in. Unfortunately, they don't always find their way out. Well, I have a better solution... A ScareCrow®.
The ScareCrow® is an automated animal deterrent. It's basically a water sprinkler with a motion sensor. See it in action and watch how it can protect your garden (and keep your garden green!).
via: The Gadget Blog

gadgets: Thin Client (Network Monitor) Review - 08/07/06 03:59 PM
"It"came in. I mentioned how it seemed easy to setup and you wouldn't need a "real" network administrator. Well, you don't. The new unit was up and running in less than ten minutes... really.
Now for the rest of the story...
The ten minutes included the time to open the box, install the software on the host PC, and plugin in the monitor. With this completed, I was able to sit down at the new workstation and use the majority of applications. However, there were two applications that did not work as intended:
ScanSnap Manager, andVoyager2ScanSnap 
The ScanSnap Manager allows a computer to connect … (0 comments)

gadgets: GPS for Ms. Gadget - 07/26/06 04:12 AM
Anyone that knows me knows that I am Mr Gadget. This makes it easy to recommend gadgets to REALTORS since I've tried out a bunch of them whether it's through a friend, hanging out in the store, or a personal purchase. Well, I just came across another gadget that would be a perfect gift for Ms. Gadget. It's the new Intempo Buddy Pink GPS (Per Gizmodo).
This pink GPS doesn't look like anything special. I take that back. It looks special, but doesn't seem to have any special functionality. It's a basic GPS with point to point directions, mapping, and remote … (3 comments)


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