technology: Thin Client (Network Monitor) Review - 08/07/06 03:59 PM
"It"came in. I mentioned how it seemed easy to setup and you wouldn't need a "real" network administrator. Well, you don't. The new unit was up and running in less than ten minutes... really.
Now for the rest of the story...
The ten minutes included the time to open the box, install the software on the host PC, and plugin in the monitor. With this completed, I was able to sit down at the new workstation and use the majority of applications. However, there were two applications that did not work as intended:
ScanSnap Manager, andVoyager2ScanSnap 
The ScanSnap Manager allows a computer to connect … (0 comments)

technology: Easy Map Builder - 08/03/06 10:13 AM
Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft all have come out with their little API's (Application Programming Interface) so you can create maps on your own website. However, API's middle name is "Programming", which means it can easily fly over the head of most people. Easier option? Yep, I got one for you.
Instead of writing your own map from scratch, try Map Builder. Map Builder is a free online application to get you started quickly. Everything is relatively intuitive allowing you to choose custom points and icons.
Update: There is a monthly fee-based real estate option. I haven't signed up for it, so I'm … (3 comments)

technology: Office Expansion using Thin Clients - 08/02/06 05:07 AM
A couple of days ago I mentioned that I'll be testing a thin client device from Ncomputing. And more than likely will be purchasing a couple for myself. I'm looking forward to trying it out as I think it could really cut down on computer/network management for real estate offices and teams. This means less computer management time, lower operating costs, and more time doing what needs to be done (and a life).
If you've worked with GoToMyPC, VNC, WebEx, LogMeIn, or some other remote computer access software, you're already familiar with the technology. The difference with Ncomputing's solution is that it's … (5 comments)


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