bubbas view: Well, It Doesn't Leak... - 04/06/10 11:05 PM
Dad-burn home inspectors!!!
     Howz a guy like me going to earn a decent living? I get a call from a frantic home owner, worried silly about a stupid leak under her sink. Well I fixed it in a jiff and charged her a hundred bucks to boot. (Gotta make some beer money ya know.)      Well along comes this durn home inspector who sez that this ain't right!! Now the gal is fussin' at me an' want's her money back. Now you tell me, what's wrong with this picture? It doesn't leak...   © 2010 bubba fife | complete home … (9 comments)

bubbas view: Points... - 10/03/08 11:49 AM
Bubba here. I am the shy type, and most of the time kinda keep to my self, don't say much, play with my power tools, screw up a few things here an' there... In general just do what comes natural to an ole southern boy from the hills of TN. Things like huntin, fishun, and even brewing a batch or two of grandma's recipe that I guarantee ya, will certainly cure your ills.
I've been noticin', that there are these point things that show up by score. Who is keeping score, I ain't! Now MA certainly does! She KEEPS score … (22 comments)

bubbas view: Not So Happy Happy Meal - Contest Entry... - 09/11/08 10:14 PM
Bubba here,
The other day, I had a hankerin' for one of my favorite taste bud ticklin' delights, so I wheeled the pick-em-up around and made a bee-line to pick me up a couple of Happy Meals. Just had to get me a few new toys cuz I broke the others playing with Fred.(Gotta remember folks, I am a kid at heart.) Now we all know that $%&@!! happens! Just happens that this was not this dudes lucky day. Hope that he was eatin' a Happy Meal...
Bubba out.
This post is included in one of AR's newest groups Blogs Happen... … (20 comments)

bubbas view: I've Been Tagged With a 2x4... - 09/09/08 10:30 PM
Bubba here…
I’ve been tagged with this thing call a mee mee is that anything like a moo moo? Anyway, from what I have been told, I gotta talk about me… Well folks, ME is MY favorite subject…
I am not a fig Newton of your imagination…
I love fig Newtons…
I love to fix stuff…
I love POWER tools! Yeah Buddy!
I hate home inspectors who pick at what I just fixed…
I love big trux that have lots of power and drink gas…
I hate those little match-box cars that get 50 MPG… Love to squish ‘em … (15 comments)

bubbas view: Coming Together As Americans... - 08/31/08 10:07 PM
As hurricane Gustav barrels down and is fixin' to release all sorts of havoc on the city of New Orleans, why is it that the political parties in this country can't come together as Americans and help our fellow Americans? Are we as a Nation so politically divided that we cannot work together for the good of all? Is one side of the aisle so afraid that the other side might get a "leg up" or get credit for doing something that the other side ain't? 
Now I know that these are rhetorical questions an' all, but just stop and … (8 comments)


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